TRASH (Number 1) DISARM’s Podcast

Welcome to Step On Magazine’s first ever PODCAST. Hosted by Jacqueline Howell, future installations will feature the locally (in)famous double act of Dave MacIntyre & Jacko Howell, with interviews, guest podcasts, live-blogging/casting, drunk-casting album reviews, and more embarrassing forays into the audio world for those of you who like to listen, not read: (“just don’t want to!”). Enjoy my new fake radio voice(s) would ya?

This podcast #1 is all about film. Current summer film, summer hype, what happened to summer popcorn films, summer film backlash (poor Jared Leto) summer TV (LAUGHS, CHILLS AND SCARES, PLEASE. BUT NOT TOO SCARY!) and upcoming teasers of what’s ahead for Step On Magazine.

This is broken into 4 parts of 10 minutes each. Total time = 45 minutes.


SS tweet

JL SS Tweet
“What Jared Leto wants, Jared Leto gets. Except a good review for Suicide Squad.”

I think I’d like to close this experimental new feature with one of my favourite things I collect and refrain from using in my grown up life: a totally random weird picture I find online in my searches for something else. In this case, I offer the following. I forget what I was google image searching for, but it was nothing to do with Stevie Nicks or The Muppets. Not this time:


Have a great weekend!
Jacqueline Howell

Trash 1