TRASH (Number 2) DISARM’s Podcast: The Best Films of the 21st Century According to Us

Welcome to the second installment of our new podcast. Part one, which was a solo mission featuring Jacqueline for 45 long minutes working on her “radio voice” can be found here if you are utterly bored and in a fight with your other podcasts. Today’s installment features your intrepid editors and aspiring power couple Dave and Jacquie and their usual slice of life banter as they discuss films of the last 15 years. Sound boring? Well not to the BBC, who decided to break up their own summer doldrums and give the interns something to do by making (and broadcasting around the digital world to much hype) a “100 best films of the 21st century (ranked)” list. Note, they fudged it by including the year 2000. And limited it to only American films. We like our list better. Just sayin’. You may consider ours a strong recommendation list for almost every taste, free of agendas or commercial blue-ray tie in potential, utterly pure and unbiased, and road tested.

Find out where Dave draws the line with Ewan McGregor; that we have a predictable yet utterly sincere unconditional love and obsession with latter day Bill Murray; that Jacqueline makes the lists while Dave attempts to knock ’em down; and exactly what Dave thinks of the “adult baby wealthy New Yorker with no real job to worry about” syndrome/convenient film trope. We love Christopher Nolan but not the Christopher Nolan film everyone else does, that other one that is less loved. One of us is interested in cults and disturbed teenagers, and the other is just happy to cruise with Wes Anderson to the end of the ocean.

We tried a new software so it’s in multiple parts, but they are only 6 minutes long each. (Total running time is about 55 minutes)

This podcast accompanies this list, Step On Magazine’s best (and favourite) films of the 21st century:

Here are a few additional references we referred to in the Podcast (somewhat tangentially in our discussion of many films):

Bernie intro: “Love Lifted Me”

Lost in Translation: “Suntory Time”

Hamlet 2: “R**** in the face!” (trigger warning)

Moulin Rouge “Your Song” (We almost came to blows!)

District 9 “Eviction Notice”

Old School “That’s the way you debate!”

The Constant Gardener (trailer)

Clouds of Sils Maria (trailer) (This is not a good trailer just see the film. It adds nothing.)

The Drop (trailer) (must see for the Hardy Army)

While We’re Young (trailer) (not on our list/side tangent)

Bubba Ho-tep (trailer)

Martha Marcy May Marlene (trailer)

The Prestige (trailer)




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