Underworld has recently celebrated their 20 year milestone anniversary  of one of the penultimate electronic records of all time with an exciting super deluxe edition reissue of Dubnobasswithmyheadman. The release includes extensive remastered and rare bonus material. The Super Deluxe 5 CD boxset includes a 50 page book of art and memorabilia, the full remastered album, remixes, unreleased tracks and a previously unreleased intimate live rehearsal.

This extensive reissue and anniversary is marked by a mini documentary that includes interviews with Underworld’s Karl Hyde & Rick Smith, a trove of rarely-seen footage from 20 years ago and recent film captured on the eve of the group’s unique show where the album was played in full at Festival Hall (October 2014). (You can see more at the band’s Youtube channel where the mini documentary has been shared.)

Photo: Underworld's website
Photo: Underworld’s website

Dubnobasswithmyheadman emerged from the indie scene in 1994 and found immediate acceptance in both dance clubs and in the home, with its anthemic scope, clean beats and, setting itself apart from the perception of “dance music” , featured a real attention to interesting and evocative lyrics. This innovation bridged the divide between the pop crowd and the ravers, moved the music from ambient to aggressive and back again, and made its own space in the global scene at a time when club culture was spreading internationally and quickly.

This work was a significant, game changing release that more than deserves all the acclaim its received over the years through the vastly changing landscape of electronic music. The timing of its well-crafted anniversary reissue dovetails nicely with the renaissance of “original” music that the scene is currently rightly embracing. Time to celebrate.