Shoegazers1A personal recollection from a photographer and lifelong Shoegaze fan: By Dave MacIntyre

My first assignment as a full access, media-credentialed photographer was a doozy. My Bloody Valentine, September 25, 2008 at Kool Haus in Toronto.  I strolled in to the photo pit, trying to look cool and like I belonged. This was blown by my lack of earplugs (rookie move) which gave it away to all the other, more experienced photographers that I was fresh blood. Here I was, mere feet away from one of the loudest bands in music history.

The show that followed was a mind-blowing, ear destroying experience that cemented my love for the “3 song and out” rules of of live music photography.  Coupled with my lifelong love for Shoegazing, (from pioneers like MBV to cutting edge indie artists of today)  my passion to shoot, see live bands and find new music is stronger than ever.

The recent resurgence of the Shoegaze genre has been strengthened and supported by My Bloody Valentine’s 2013 release of MBV, an incredible Slowdive tour (did you get a chance to see them?) and the  just-announced Ride world tour news.

Long live Shoegaze. Here’s a list of some recent tracks that have caught our attention and held it. Much more to follow!