Bilinda Butcher (swoon) at Kool Haus, 2008.  Photo: Dave MacIntyre
Bilinda Butcher (swoon), My Bloody Valentine, at Kool Haus, 2008. Photo: Dave MacIntyre

A personal recollection from a photographer and lifelong shoegaze obsessive: (Part one in an ongoing series)

My first assignment as a full access, media-credentialed photographer was a doozy. My Bloody Valentine, September 25, 2008 at Kool Haus in Toronto.  I strolled in to the photo pit, trying to look cool and like I belonged. This was blown by my lack of earplugs (rookie move) which gave it away to all the other, more experienced photographers that I was fresh blood. Here I was, mere feet away from one of the loudest bands in music history.

The show that followed was a mind-blowing, ear destroying experience that cemented my love for the “3 song and out” rules of of live music photography.  Coupled with my lifelong love for Shoegazing, (from pioneers like MBV to cutting edge indie artists of today)  my passion to shoot, see live bands and find new music is stronger than ever.

The recent resurgence of the Shoegaze genre has been strengthened and supported by My Bloody Valentine’s 2013 release of MBV, an incredible Slowdive tour (did you get a chance to see them?) and the  just-announced Ride world tour news.

Long live Shoegaze. Here’s a list of some recent tracks that have caught our attention and held it. Much more to follow!

honeyslide – London, UK

The Cherry Wave – Glasgow, Scotland

Flyying Colors – Melbourne, Australia

Velveteen – London, UK

Skinny Dream – Southend, UK

highspire – Lancaster, PA, USA

The Enters – London, UK

The Sleepover Disaster – California, USA

Star Horse – Stockholm, Sweden

Seasurfer – Hamburg, Germany

Who are we missing?  Tell us below.


  1. Ringo Deathstarr, 93millionmilesfromthesun, Whirr, Glacials, Wozniak, Mermaids, Team Ghost, The Fauns.

  2. Some other shoegazey bands I’d recommend (most or all have Bandcamp pages):

    The History of Colour TV
    We Need Secrets
    Strata Florida
    Hot Glass
    The Virgance
    Blush Response
    I Am Your Captain
    Ringo Deathstarr

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    Good list; but they’re missing Vibragun, Nothing, Lightfoils, Tennis System, Cre-scen-do, Aerofall, Cheatahs, and many others… Check out DKFM out of Fresno, CA and then go from there. Gazers enjoy!

    • Great list! I love Nothing…saw them in Toronto without knowing who they were and was blown away! In fact, we just bought tickets for their gig with Torche. Tennis and Cheatahs are tops too! I will definitely give the others a listen.

      • the band Tokyo Shoegazer (東京酒吐座) is one good example. they’ve released a couple albums. unfortunately, i can’t find their web site at the moment… i hope that doesn’t mean they’ve called it quits.

        Coaltar of the Deepers has been around for ages, although they’ve not released anything in the past few years.

        a good starting point for japanese shoegaze is the Yellow Loveless album… a track-for-track remake of MBV’s loveless by japanese bands ( not every track is a winner — Shonen Knife’s inclusion feels very out of place, for example — but some are really interesting covers.

  4. Roku Music, Power Pyramid, Skullsquadron, Contrast, Magic Love, Kindling, Indoor Voices, Pinkshinyultrablast, Aubrey, Drape, Wildhoney, Minatures, Presents For Sally, Dissolve

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