Nothing @ Adelaide Hall, Toronto 2014.  Photo: Dave MacIntyre
Nothing @ Adelaide Hall, Toronto 2014. Photo: Dave MacIntyre

The response to our first Lend An Ear post was immediate and engaging, proving that Shoegaze, Nugaze, Dreampop, etc. is not only alive and well, but growing.  And more importantly, the people that listen to it are passionate and really like to talk about it.

There were a few bands that got repeat mentions (Cheatahs, Wozniak and Whirr to name a few), but one in particular that prompted the need for special mention was Nothing.

I discovered this band purely by accident during Canadian Music Week last year.  I was at Adelaide Hall early and there to cover an entirely different act when out strolled these four dudes.  My interest was instantly piqued when I noticed a Depeche Mode t-shirt and a Morrissey profile tattoo.  When they started to play, I was riveted.  By the end of the set, I was slack-jawed and asking everyone around me “Who the hell are these guys?”

“Nothing.  They’re from Philly and they’re awesome!”

Yes.  They are.  Listen and be changed.

Nothing will be back in Toronto on March 21st with Torche and Wrong at Lee’s Palace and Step On will be there.

Watch for Part 2 of the Lend An Ear: Shoegazers edition coming soon.