On the heels of the HUGE news of RIDE’s world tour announcement, the Creation records-discovered artists Jesus and Mary Chain and Primal Scream are enjoying a massive boost this week with their big announcements of tour dates in 2015.

Creation records, ever on the pulse, has posted an extremely rare 13 minute recording of Primal Scream’s first-ever gig at Alan McGee’s “The Living Room” in 1983 with Bobby Gillespie, Jim Beattie and a drum machine. Listen here: http://www.creation-records.com/listen-to-the-first-ever-primal-scream-gig/

What an amazing time for the many fans  of quality, original music around the planet to look back, and look forward.

Below is our list of upcoming published live dates for Ride, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Primal Scream as of today’s date.

While we focus on celebrations in our corner of the world (Toronto) we know devotees worldwide will be ferreting out more treats about additional U.K. /Europe dates, secret gigs, and more news come.

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