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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we ‘ve made our first VIRTUAL Mix Tape compilation just for you, Valentines. We hope you’ll like it and remember us fondly….

Inspired by this fascinating/bizarre photo of Morrissey and Marr from when they were proud, interlocked treehuggers and united as a musical team, we offer a selection of tracks in homage to the idea of “hold on tightly, let go lightly” whether in friendships or romance.  The tapes and cds that used to come with our favourite hard copy imported music mags (or be denied us once they reached Canada’s border, leaving a gaping blank spot where a treasure should be) are further links to the myth of Valentines Day we are exploring.

This compilation is our first collection of some new and long-time favourites that we love.

To enjoy your own Step On Mag Mix Tape vol. 1, “To Lost Loves and Dashed Friendships”, please access these songs or video clips at their respective artists’ official pages, itunes, bandcamp or soundcloud, etc. and purchase from the artists where they are available. A number of these groups are currently touring and we will seek them out!

Prologue: Glasvegas – The Prettiest Thing on Saltcoats Beach ( B-side version to Geraldine single, 2008)



 Dramarama  – Anything, Anything (from the album Cinema Verite, 1985)


Title Fight – Chlorine – (from the upcoming release Hyperview, February 3, 2015)

The Cure – Exploding Boy (from the album Standing on a Beach – The Singles and Unavailable B-Sides, 1986)

Sonic Youth – Superstar (from the album If I Was a Carpenter, 2004)

Great Lake Swimmers – Moving Pictures, Silent Films (from the album Great Lake Swimmers, 2003)



The Virgance –  Cataclysm (from the album Lost Continent, February 2014)


Moby – Hymn (from the album Everything is Wrong, 1995)

Malka – Mirame (2013)

Mojave 3 – My Life in Art ( from the album Excuses for Travellers, 2000)


The Virgance –  Eos and Astraeus (from the album Hiko Shrine, January 2015)


 The Jesus and Mary ChainThe Hardest Walk (from the album Psycho Candy, 1985)

 Spoons – Nova Heart (from the album Arias and Symphonies, 1982)

 Stars – Your Ex-Lover is Dead (from the album Set Yourself on Fire, 2005)

(Just discovered the video for this adored song so now I’m utterly smitten.)

 Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine (from the album ONGIARA, 2007)

Epilogue: Glasvegas – It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry (7 inch promo cd, 2008)

What’s on your virtual mix tape?

P.S. We love you.