Today at 10:55 a.m. was one of those rare, special “refresh refresh refresh” moments as Toronto (and visiting) fans of the one and only Jesus and Mary Chain waited for tickets to go on sale  at 11:00. The just announced May 1st show at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Canada as part of Canadian Music Week’s program, was the biggest surprise in a  diverse and strong program this year.

Tickets can be found at Ticket Web and will sell out fast.

Click here to go to Ticket Web link

It is expected that JAMC will be playing their stellar 1985 debut record, Psychocandy, in full as part of their U.K. /U.S./ Canadian tour.

The Phoenix, as one of Toronto’s mid sized venues (less than stadium sized but bigger than many rock clubs) has a capacity of just 1,350 so tickets will be extremely limited.

We are so excited to have gotten our tickets (after much “refreshing”) and will have more coverage of the show and other notables on the CMW program to come in the months ahead.

Now, on with the celebration!

For as you already know,  “The Hardest Walk you could ever take is the walk you take from A to B….to C”