Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival  – Release date: February 11

The revolution has arrived, and Ear to Ear records along with Gerpfast Kolektif is celebrating this amazing time in music with a 30 track compilation of exciting original material from around the globe. Dynamic sound is foregrounded, and the compilation includes “first wave” underground bands as well as newer bands from the “second wave” shoegaze. This curated compilation pulls together a monster set of “beautiful noise” from all across the planet.


Blood Lips – Heartbeats
Clustersun – Hipgnosis
Damascus – Slightest
Digilite – Dance of Angels
Duelectrum – She Doesn’t Feel the Sun
Ether Feels – Morning Star
The Evening Primrose – Catcher
Hermetic Delight – Funeral Party
Hideous Towns – Pets
Intenna – My Flowery Dream
Jaguwar – Muffhead
Lights That Change – Theme 1 Stage 3
Magao – Dive To The Sea
Puna – Trasnoche
Rev Rev Rev – Rip The Veil
Robsongs – Essa Grande Falta de Voce (Ummagma Mix)
Seaside – Undone
Sharesprings – Maydear
Slow Motion Picture – Opening
Sounds of Sputnik – Overdrive feat. Ummagma
Spool – Sway, Fadeaway (video below)
Stella Diana – Isabeau (video below)
Stellarscope – This Will End Tonight
Thud – Lime
Trementina – Hazy Youth
Ummagma – Live and Let Die (video below)
Weird. – Infinite Decay
Wozniak – El Maresme (video below)
The Yours – Honey Treats
//orangenoise – Puking Rainbows

Compilation poster with Bandcamp links 30x40 (1)

Here are a few videos from the compilation!