By Step On Editors Festival News is Everywhere!

The BRAND NEW Way Home Festival in Oro (Barrie) Ontario, July 24-26 has released early bird passes and announced their line up, yes you may go glamping and spend silly amounts of money if you want: (Wayhome.com)

Also BRAND NEW, the exciting Eaux Claires Music Festival, in Eaux ClaireWisconsin, July 17-18, curated by Bon Iver and The National tickets and full lineup have been released: (via Paste Mag) 

Osheaga Music Festival (Montreal) July 31-Aug 2, celebrates 10 years with 110 acts (10 released so far)(via Indie 88)

Amnesia Rockfest (Montebello, Quebec) June 18 -21, boasts a great line up of hard edged alternative, metal, punk, ska and may be the best trip for your travel budget. (via Exclaim)

The BIG Music Fest in Kitchener, Waterloo, July 11-12 has a solid line up and the best value for money around with Jane’s Addiction, Soundgarden, Monster Truck, and Blondie to name a few: (Big Music Fest)

Coming soon on Step On Magazine: It seems like right ab

Bjork has just  released a trailer for “Black Lake”  The welcome return of Bjork’s new material continues its PR juggernaut!

“Black Lake” is a new sound and video installation commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art on the occasion of the exhibition Björk (March 8–June 7, 2015; Member Previews, March 4–7). The song “Black Lake” appears on Björk’s new album “Vulnicura” (2015).

Karen O, Moby, My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, Sky Ferreira, Wayne Coyne, More to Play David Lynch Tribute Concert. We support this event fully and hope there will be a multi-artist stage jam dedicated just to Lynch’s amazing hair.

Artists will perform music from David Lynch’s films, catalog, and “Twin Peaks” to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The David Lynch Foundation  (via Pitchfork)

Laura Dern reflects on her career as she receives her second Oscar nomination: (via Dazed Digital)

Placebo to stream entire back catalogue online for first time in history! (via NME)

We’re celebrating the birthday of the one and only Bass God Peter Hook (AKA HOOKY) here at Step On magazine

Paul Weller has debut a brand new track off his upcoming release “Saturn’s Pattern”  and announced  North American tour dates: (via Slicing Up Eyeballs)

“50 Shades of Sigh” The disastrous press tour rolls on, ignoring the world’s safe word: NOPE! JUST NOPE! (via Defamer)

This happened: All you need to see of the Grammys in a 5-second Vine. “No, Kanye, No!” (little kid head shake): (taken down elsewhere so via US Magazine)

out now is a good time to revisit the back catalogue of Beck;  our review of Jesus and Mary Chain: Barbed Wire Kisses by Zoe Howe; A look at the lovely film I am Love (Tilda Swinton); more mixtapes; more shoegaze; more new releases and music news.

Oh, and this happened. I’m pretty sure Jack Black is the only man who can be approved to posses/buy this guitar, which comes with some serious caveats:

“For sale I have this REAL METAL GUITAR. It’s an Ibanez DT350. It’s the
X series, so it’s serious as shit – not for wimp rock or doom metal. It’s only for serious riffs and metal. It’s from 1984 (most likely older than you or your favorite shitty bands). It plays 80s metal perfectly – Kreator, Motorhead, maybe some Venom, Judas Priest, Rhandy Rhoads (but if you want to play Rhandy Rhoads you should buy a Rhandy Rhoads you scum). This guitar can also play Motley Crue and Megadeth. This guitar will be perfect for playing in a Motley Crue cover band (but you don’t though because you don’t have the chops). THIS GUITAR WILL NOT PLAY DOOM METAL. This guitar needs to play GOOD RIFFS and not BORING doom riffs. If your favorite band is Black Sabbath I can’t sell this guitar to you. If you own a fender or gibson and want to upgrade, I can’t sell this to you (Ibanez Japanese guitar are the PRIME of guitar craftsmanship crafted by the ancient Japanese wizards – if you think otherwise you haven’t played one of these HEAVY METAL BATTLE TANKS I’ll leave you to be your twangly teles and shitty constructed Gibshits).

I can only sell you this guitar if you really are read to rock. If your only amp is a practice amp or fender twin, you shouldn’t buy this guitar. If you want to play REAL GUITAR RIFFS, then this guitar is for you! If you have a Marshall fullstack in your bedroom, THEN THIS GUITAR IS FOR YOU. If you say you are ready to buy this guitar and show up to buy it wearing a Mastodon shirt, I can’t sell it to you. I MEAN RIFFS not some banjo jangle pentatonic shit. If you own an HM2 this guitar is perfect you can get the perfect chainsaw distortion with these HOT HIGH GAIN RAIL PICKUPS. Real riffs only.

Okay, thanks good luck.” 



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