Announcement: We’ve set up our SoundCloud page to feature playlists for each of our four “Lend an ear” Shoegazer bands to watch features that we’ve rounded up over the last month.

We’ll also be adding playlists for:

All the bands/artists that we’ve reviewed and new releases we’ve written about this month. We may add a few surprises with bands we are planning to feature soon

All the songs (if available) featured on our Mix Tapes “For Lost Loves and Dashed Friendships” (vol. 1) and “Phony Beatlemania” (vol. 2) and future mix tapes

We’ll update with some other playlists of favourites and music from all different genres and eras that inspire us

We’ve had a great month and met many great music artists and those who support them around the world, and we are happy to celebrate. Thank you all for reading, liking, commenting, sharing and for emailing us with ideas for features about bands and artists, we’ve found diamonds! True to our mission, we’ve been shouting from our virtual platform about the great music being made globally by quality artists and we couldn’t be happier if David Brent himself went home and got his guitar to serenade us.

Song starts at :40 – Spaceman / Free love Freeway

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