Candy Lord – Myla from the New Release  (February 17, 2015) Loved Ones on Wiener Records
Photo via Candy Lord's Facebook page
Photo via Candy Lord’s Facebook page
Here is a beautiful garage rock record by the Candy Lord duo from the city of angels. Laid back, fuzzy guitar licks; smooth, sultry vocals; and great arrangements combine to make for some entertaining ear excitement. The third song, Myla, is a free and easy number, perfect for chilling on a summer Sunday sesh. Track 5, #1 Punk, will be a hit with you dancers. He sounds like your man, Iggy Pop, on this one.
And don’t forget, if you or your band want a release on Wiener Records, all you need do is get in touch and they can sort you out with a cassette launch as fast as you can say, “But I don’t have tape player anymore.”
You can buy the cassettes straight from Wiener, or from Burger Records.

Review by J.Crawley: a UK based music writer hailing from Sheffield city. He also writes for Street Up Music and spends his evenings fighting crime as a vigilante superhero.