Moby became a hero of mine when I first heard the theme of Twin Peaks morph into the techno juggernaut that is “Go”.  “Next is the E” soon followed, the rave scene in Toronto launched full bore, and the rest really is history.  Moby is regarded as one of the pioneers of the techno genre and was on the scene long before “EDM” was the catch phrase used to lump electronic dance music into one category.  I attended his first Toronto appearance at the Masonic Temple and was spellbound by the banks of keyboards and electronic gadgets that surrounded this quiet seemingly shy man controlling it all.  But the sounds he produced that night were legendary.

Since then, I have seen Moby perform a half dozen times or so and it is always a unique experience.  The 1995 performance from the stub above was the first time I saw him play a guitar and although it seemed so odd at first, it was also perfectly natural; like he’d be doing it all along. That show was also the first time I witnessed him spontaneously create new music with the help of fans he pulled from the crowd.  It was magic.  Moby tends to favour the festival circuit these days, but he still does headline shows from time to time.  If your more intimate local venues are fortunate enough to host him, do not miss out.

Moby at The Phoenix in 2011.  Photo: Dave MacIntyre
Moby at The Phoenix in 2011. Photo: Dave MacIntyre