Ufornia, Days of Yore, Denmark, release date February 24, 2015

Ufornia -Days of Yore
Ufornia -Days of Yore

This Danish duo have crafted some wonderful textures here. Synthesizers are a big part of their sound. The whole song makes you feel like you’re wrapped in silk sheets, floating on a cloud of melancholy. The vocalist has a pained edge to his voice which matches the mood of the song well.

Dutch performance artist Michiel Tange Van Leeuwen stars in the video. Production values are high, and so was whoever was styling the hair that day. It’s pretty out there.

The band identify themselves as Shoegaze, so fans of My Bloody Valentine will definitely want to give this a listen.

Review by J.Crawley: a UK based music writer hailing from Sheffield city. He also writes for Street Up Music and spends his evenings fighting crime as a vigilante superhero.