Depth & Current

By Dave MacIntyre  Depth & Current’s 4th full-length album Believe is a wonderful contrast of swirling guitar jangle, dense bass hooks, and sullen vocals that teeter between the spectrum of My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division, but kept focused by crisp percussion that drives the music ever onward.

The wash of electric guitar reverb and chunky bass guitar evocative of Peter Hook on opening track “Math” gives the album a robust start that continues on through to “Pigs on Pedestals” before transitioning into the beautifully sludgy and electrified “Speak Up”.

The title-track’s instantly addictive Ramones meets The Jesus and Mary Chain electric guitar opening that reprises after the chorus will require repeated play. Three minutes is not quite long enough to get your fill of that delicious fog.  The mellowest track on the album “Hated” still tenses with a constrained urgency that gives the song the feeling of being forcefully slowed-down like a finger pressed to vinyl and then let go when “Goodbye Goodnight” begins to finish off the record.

Believe is solid start-to-finish and I highly recommend you play it exactly that way to fully appreciate the scope of Depth & Current’s creation.  Just don’t forget to loop that title-track a few times on your way through.

Dave MacIntyre