Intruder (Unrated Director’s Cut) 1989, Horror Director: Scott Spiegel

Clean up on aisle gore!

Oh, the era of the awesome 80’s cheesy horror movies. The film Intruder (1989) does not disappoint classic 80’s gore fans. With its excessive use of blood and abundance of goretastic death sequences, this film has a little bit of everything for any viewer brave enough to watch it. The film opens up in a grocery store, which happens to be the entire location of the film. There is an immediate sense of eeriness quickly setting in as the beginning sequence starts to become unraveled. Soon into the movie we are introduced to a potential trouble maker, Craig. Craig’s relationship with Jennifer is quickly seen as tempered and volatile. A fight breaks out between the two and a manhunt for Craig in the store breaks out.

During the manhunt we are introduced to the other characters such as fellow store employees and the owners, who are in talks to sell the store. Throughout the film the audience is put into a trance of haunting suspenseful music that keeps you waiting for the next bump in the night. There is no lack of blood and guts, as the film progresses the death scenes become more and more grotesque. Elaborate death sequences include a head and a trash compactor, a desk rod into the eye, at one point the killer even beats someone with a severed head, and the list goes on and on, all of which lead up to a plot twist near the end that is well worth the wait. There are many things that set Intruder apart from your run of the mill 80’s B horror flick, the biggest of which is the well-executed cinematography. Earlier on the unique camera angles are evident such as point of view (POV) references through the inside of a shopping cart, from the inside of a phone, characters reflections bouncing off glass, and profiles seen off the blade of a knife. In an era where computerized SFX and CGI were not a crutch for a filmmaker, it is the little things in cinematography that go a long way.

With any movie there are always flaws to be nitpicked. Intruder does have some minor flaws, for example, there are some continuity issues, especially in some of the death scenes,  as well as some issues with audio here and there. But considering the era this film is in, it is a real gem of excessive gore, guts, scream queens and creativity. What more could an 80’s horror flick have to offer! Film rating 4 out of 5!

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Review by: Preston Corbell, an Austin, Texas based filmmaker/actor and clothing designer. Check out Preston’s latest film at