Step On magazine is an independent, culturally relevant,  music, film, arts and pop culture digital publication with fresh, diverse, original, smart & funny daily content. We enjoy a rapidly-growing global readership and hold “founders/editorial meetings” at our “HQ” – a friendly pub in east-end Toronto, Canada. 

Add your unique voice to the new, independent, enriching global media movement. Join us as creators in rising out of the tired format of celebrity gossip and shallow snark that passes for content that has infected too much of the mainstream and onetime must-read blogs. Escape from the clutter of aging digital media publications that are irrelevant, boring advertisements built on outdated communication models without drive or vision.

Do you have your ear to the ground for new music, or have passion for the great music from the past 25 – 30 years? Are you a pop culture historian, with an urge to write about history in new ways? Are you a critic and a player in digital media, media criticism or cultural criticism? Or an experienced or emerging interviewer who wants to shape your voice and have a platform that highlights your talent and hard work? Are your facebook posts or comments better, funnier and more interesting than so-called articles or posts with 20,000 likes? Are you a blogger or a writer looking for a new platform with like-minded people who have good taste, ethics and standards where you shall never share a page with anything entitled “Kardashian, Beiber, Perry, Cyrus, Drake” people famous for being famous, or next season’s viral junk food music still to be fed to the world?

Glasvegas' James Allan live in Toronto: Photo Dave MacIntyre
Glasvegas’ James Allan live in Toronto: Photo Dave MacIntyre

Browse our magazine, get in touch via email and include a link to some of your other writing online, your facebook or twitter (etc.) profile (so we can learn a bit about you) and an idea of where your writing interest/talents lie or a sample/proposal of writing you’d like to do. It might reflect what you see here, or it may be wholly original. If you think it would be a good fit, we are interested in hearing from you. (Starting dates are flexible but we’d like to have our team assembled by mid to late March). Please include a list of a couple of your favourite films, albums/bands, books, or websites (or your least favourite).  Our greatest need is in the areas underlined.

We’re looking for independent people who are curious, have their own points of view, want to write in a wider forum and are confident writing in one or more of the following areas/formats:

Feature Writers 

  • Self-directed writers with initiative who seek out and generate their own content or stories and require minimal guidance to generate feature ideas, write on a semi-regular but reliable timeline a few times/month, edit well and write confidently in their own voice. Feature writers will be given latitude to write on their own areas of interest and to collaborate or develop their own “areas” of the magazine.
  • Writers on indie film and/ or music;  gaming, comics, online communities, genres that are not mainstream; writers interested in the ideas behind the “no pop” culture of music.
  • Film buffs who really miss Movieline, SPY, early Details, and other great magazine as we do, along with all the good insider / industry journalism of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s eras and want to create some of that.
  • Music obsessives who religiously read Select Magazine and still like to talk about it and all its greatness, and want to create some of that.

Music, Lit, Film, TV, & Art Reviewers

  • Shorter music feature/review/release/ news writers who write based on their own ideas about music, in combination with assigned topics, who can submit polished pieces on a loose but regular schedule.
  • TV show recappers looking for a place to publish their ongoing recaps about quality TV series for a season and a place to develop their own readership and following.
  • A writer who wants to briefly & regularly cover concert listings, tour news, or other such calendars on a local, national or wider scope (bands or genres, festival news or follow up reports).

Live Event, Location-based or “Scene-based” Reviewers/Journalists;  Live Event Writer/Photographers who can provide high-res, high quality original images for feature on the magazine

  • Writers of specialized or generalized coverage of live music shows, other relevant events in their city, culture, or subcultures of interest, generated from events they are attending or as assigned / requested. Strong photographers with experience in challenging lighting conditions, mud, and crowds who love music and events.

Photoshop/digital artists or fine artists/ illustrators who want to contribute original artwork to accompany magazine features

We’ll provide support & guidance; suggestions for feature ideas; professional & positive leadership; direction or sourcing for access/media materials for your writing/ review purposes; and proofreading and minor editing help. As it’s our baby, we’ll diligently handle all web maintenance & design elements, post all features, add excellent photos, provide relevant tags, and capably and consistently market and promote all features so they are seen and read. We’ll always properly credit our contributors, including your own byline with some bio info about you, a link to your other projects/online profile/website and/or social media (at your preference). As volunteers committed to a project, we firmly believe in giving due credit and celebrating talent and hard work from within, just as much as we do to the artists and cultural productions we write about.

Some of our wildly original features, areas of coverage, preoccupations: Basquiat, our Mix Tapes, Concert Listings, found Pop Culture treasures (Beastie Boys Mosh Pit guide from Lollapalooza 95)


Along with editorial & webmaster (is that still a thing?) functions, we editors personally write many features and reviews across all areas of the magazine in many genres and different formats, daily. One of the founders, Dave MacIntyre, is an active, professional photographer with a decade of live music and event photography as a freelancer and for various publications in the U.S. and Canada. His eclectic, devoted interest in music includes an unflagging commitment to buying concert tickets, going to shows, buying the t-shirts, shooting high quality photos, photo editing, and producing written reviews on jaw-droppingly impressive self-imposed deadlines, and all for the love of the game and his own growing archive. The other half of the founding partnership, Jacqueline Howell, is a pop culture sponge who has diverse and encyclopedic pop culture knowledge & interests, can and will watch movies every day without shame, had her grounding as a teenage video store clerk, and yes, it was the best job ever created for mankind; has 9 years in the blogging game and can only write about things she loves or or has strong opinions about, but loves and has strong opinions about a lot of things. We have created this magazine on a volunteer basis out of a shared vision, also sharing all of the editorial functions of the magazine,  the tab at HQ, a lot of rock shirts, and life together.

We’ll be developing our masthead as we continue to grow and there may be opportunities for editorial positions to come in the very near future for strong writers/editors who grow with us.

We thank you for your interest.

(And thank our new contributors who’ve  joined us in recent weeks, your collaboration has given us encouragement to continue!)

Our writing, photography, concepts and original features are the property of Step On Magazine unless otherwise credited, please do not use, copy or reprint without permission, except for excerpts for the purpose of review or linking.