Enters Album Cover

By Estella Rosa

London based trio The Enters released their debut EP Small Town Love – produced by Rory Atwell (Palma Violets, Veronica Falls, Yuck et al.) and recorded on the Lightship 95 – on May 13th 2014, after the band had toured with the (not-unimportant) likes of The Telescopes, The Fauns and Spotlight Kid. Small Town Love is a genuine Shoegaze gem amongst the myriad of Shoegaze releases that now seem to sprout from all angles of the planet like mushrooms. So what sets it apart from all the Ride clones and Slowdive wannabees who think they have unlocked Kevin Shields’ box of tricks?

As all true Shoegazers know, Shoegaze is not merely about the amount of guitar pedals and enigmatic wispy vocals, but about a feeling. A feeling of longing to escape the mundane world of gravity. A dream of transience at the speed of light. Whatever… it is personal. It is not just another synthetic formula that anybody can recreate as long as you have the right effect settings.

The Enters, however, seem to truly grasp what Shoegaze is about and are (at)tuned enough to transmit it. They have clearly been listening to the Masters and learned:
The opener “Small Town Love” sounds like an escape out of small town life. A love like a fast, flanger driven car that swerves and carries you far from prying eyes and leaves them all behind…Enters Photo“End of Summer” is probably the most popular track on the EP so far, and is heavily reminiscent of The Belltower’s “Outshine the Sun”. Gorgeous and sultry but at the same time imbued with a sense of melancholy about the evanescence of summer. The 2 minute long tremolo surf in the middle could have been a bit more to the point in my opinion…

“Sweet Girl” sounds like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Swerverdriver and The Belltower all rolled into one: the best of Shoegaze in one outstanding song! But the question is: is this their vigor and what makes them stand out? Or are they still searching for their own voice?

The closing white noise landscape of “Robak” leaves that question in the mist . For now…

On the whole: the future looks promising for the Enters and an album would undoubtedly be a win for the current Shoegaze scene!

Estella Rosa is a true Amsterdammer,  first hour Shoegazer and founder of the Facebook group Shoegaze On.