Sleepover DisasterBy Russell Hiscox

After a decade of existence The Sleepover Disaster release Hover in 2009, but you could easily think that you were listening to an album from 1992.  It wears its influences on its sleeve, a pastiche to everything that was great back in the 90’s.  The guitar sounds use heavy reverb and distortion, like the first wave of shoegaze bands in the early 90’s, but lead singer Luke Giffen’s vocal delivery is much stronger.

If you were to pick standout moments from this album, it would really depend on how you liked your shoegaze served.  The first track “Friend” is a post-punk hard edged rough diamond.  The wobbly whammy bar of “Make You Sing” is straight from the Loveless era of My Bloody Valentine. This particular track strikes a chord in my heart.  You cannot have a great album without an epic closing song, and “Signwriting for Dummies” ticks the boxes.  Weighing in at just under 8 minutes, it has slow burning build up that starts off very sparse, before wave after wave of distorted guitar and drums roll in.

The shoegaze influences on this album have been used in a thoughtful way to enhance each song.  The Sleepover Disaster have made this record stand out on its own with great vocals, intricate soundscapes and atmospheric dark melodies.

You can see more of Russell Hiscox’s work on his webpage I Was a Teenage Shoegazer.