Soap&Skin - Lovetune for VacuumBy K.C. Focht

With lyrics such as “You made me smile with my heart/You made me beg for admission cards” you sense struggle. When something is both highly unsettling and comforting you know you’ve found a work of art. A strong debut from Austrian Soap&Skin, this album is bloody. But no tourniquet please.

Like an adopted child of Sigur Ros forced to listen to Kate Bush while reading Nietzsche – Anja is suffering brilliantly. Heavy, grand waves of piano make Lovetune for Vacuum a unique neo-classical piece where you’ll find desperate pleas and anthems of sadness, including a delightful, wispy rendition of Franz Schuberts “Im Dorfe”.

Mixing industrial sounds with a clear electronic influence makes for an intriguing listen. During “Cry Wolf”, the sound of a typewriter makes you feel like you’re reading someones journal entry. Whereas in “Fleischwolf”, with its jarring pig (yes, oink!) samples and jolting punches of synthesized sound, there is a sense of pure dread. OK, there’s misery here. But, you won’t mind its company. Beauty leaps and agony creeps from this bleeder. If she loses too much, I hope she haunts me.