Helbig & Hart as ElectraWoman & Dyna Girl
Helbig & Hart as ElectraWoman & Dyna Girl (via twitter@ElectraDyna)

By Amanda J. Richter

Remember Electra Woman and Dyna Girl? The short-lived kitschy 70’s superheroine series starring Deidre Hall and Judy Strangis?Electra Woman & Dyna Girl

Me either. That hasn’t stopped Legendary Digital Media and Fullscreen from teaming up with YouTube phenoms Grace Helbig (Electra Woman) and Hannah Hart (Dyna Girl) for a reboot. Helbig and Hart are sure to breathe new life into the series with their wacky and sometimes awkward brand of humour.

As many Millennials do, I get most of my entertainment from Youtube and follow both Helbig and Hart. Hannah Hart is best known for her My Drunk Kitchen series- a cooking-show parody wherein Hart, at various levels of intoxication, attempts to (re)create recipes. Grace Helbig gives her humorous takes on everyday life, products, popular challenges, and puts together a weekly vlog segment ‘Fridairy’ on It’s Grace. In the weeks preceding the reboot’s announcement Helbig teased her viewers about the “secret project” she and Hart were working on during her ‘Fridairy’ segment.  Since the announcement she has been giving us glimmers, often in neck up shots to conceal costuming, of behind the scene antics.

Photo: Nigel Horsely/Tumblr
Photo: Nigel Horsely/Tumblr

There is no shortage of superhero movies and series in modern entertainment but I am especially excited for this series. It is gratifying to see YouTubers you have supported come to life in such projects. The decision to cast YouTubers reflects modern entertainment, the way media is consumed, and our changing definition of stardom.  Between Helbig and Hart they bring millions of fans to the series; an established, built in audience.

It is clear, after viewing the original episodes, Helbig’s and Hart’s unique humour and genuine chemistry are sage choices for the female dynamic duo. I look forward to seeing how they integrate the campy, overblown spirit of the original with their own modern twist. I know I am not the only one eager for two of my favourite female YouTubers kicking butt in superhero spandex.

A release date has yet to be announced.

For updates follow the series at http://ewdg.legendary.com

Amanda J. Richter is a Toronto based freelance and humour writer. Check her out at www.amanda-richter.com.