Eidôlon - Venera 4By Russell Hiscox

The long awaited debut album Eidôlon, from French artistic shoegaze outfit Venera 4, is now available on the Requiempouruntwister record label.  Named after a Soviet mission to Venus, Venera 4 is a 4-piece out of Paris.

The album contains entirely new work and excludes all of the band’s previous singles.  With the opening track named “Pygmalion“, you could be fooled into thinking it is a tribute to the 1995 Slowdive album of the same name.  But instead of an ambient atmospheric soundscape, you are propelled into possibly the most upbeat track on this album.

There have been many comparisons made between Venera 4 and The Jesus and Mary Chain, mainly because of the walls of sound that are prevalent throughout.  But vocalist Morgane Caux brings order to the swirling guitars and relentless drumming with her strong yet delicate vocals.  I would be inclined to compare Venera 4 with Curve; Caux’s vocals are the centrepiece of each song like Toni Halliday’s. It is hard to determine if the vocals are in English or French, yet they add to the overall sound like many shoegaze contemporaries.

This album is an antidote to fey whimsical Shoegaze, it is forthright and substantial and leaves the listener with a memorable sonic experience.

Stream Eidôlon below from the band’s SoundCloud page.

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From the Official Venera 4 Facebook page
From the Official Venera 4 Facebook page