Diary of an Independent Filmmaker

Part 1: Who am I and how the hell did I get here?PCFull

It is often heard in real indie filmmaking, and I mean using the money in your pocket type budget filmmaking, “it’s not bad for the budget I have” or “if I only had more resources I could have done so much more”.

Of course if we all had an endless budget and an abundance of talent we could all produce Hollywood quality films, or could we? The reality is the mass majority of filmmakers won’t have an endless budget or be solely in charge of a blockbuster film. So then, where do independent filmmakers start?

Well let’s look into that. I kind of stumbled into acting and eventually filmmaking.

It all started with a wrong number, someone from North Carolina looking for an actor. An actor, huh? Well hold on a minute, I may not be what you’re looking for but I am more than willing to fill in. Living in Colorado at the time, I caught a flight to North Carolina. The show and the production company was a perfect fit for me- so much that I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina and started working as Chad Michael Murray’s stand-in and photo double for season 3 and 4 on One Tree Hill.

In the span of a few years I worked on multiple major productions such as Eastbound & Down, NBC’s Surface, Cabin Fever 2, The Marc Pease Experience with Ben Stiller, and a costarring role in a popular sci-fi web series called IQ-145 alongside Thomas Dekker and Paul Johansson. It was a crazy ride that left me a little burnt out, which resulted in me leaving film.

I pursued my own clothing line called Skarz Clothing and continued my education, which all brings me to my return to film after a hiatus. There was something different this time, for the first time I focused on the behind the camera aspect of filmmaking. So to return to the question “Where do independent filmmakers start?” The clear answer to success is creativity. It is easy to put things into place, hire qualified people and depend on multiple departments to get things done, when you are playing with other people’s big budgets. Independent filmmaking when done right can be so beautiful and amazingly impactful. The special thing is the passion and sheer will in the filmmaker. It is true sign of art to give the audience a piece of your heart left as a stamp on your film.

(to be continued….)

Preston Corbell is an Austin, Texas based filmmaker/actor and clothing designer. Check out Preston’s latest film here.