With Festival Season underway, there’s been a lot of talk about the lack of female representation on the festival bills, as well as within music itself. This was brought to our attention by Crack in the Road who stripped out the men from the Reading / Leeds  poster leaving an almost blank page with just a few bands with female members. The article went viral, leading to some troubling twitter reactions. In the weeks since, this has also been discussed within the Canadian media around major Canadian festival line-ups (those which have been announced to date) for 2015. Sadly, it looks like Florence and the Machine, while notable as a headliner, is carrying a heavy load on her own shoulders at the moment.

Step On’s Editors have a long history with live music here in Toronto, and so we decided to give a big standing ovation to some great Queens in music that have been through town. We are big fans of all of these musicians and we hope to see them again on the road with their current & future projects. Music is in the blood, and we think, if we put instruments in the hands of boys and girls then sea changes can happen. The rest is up to the industry, the promoters, and the media.

Check out our gallery: Part one of series of the Queens of Rock.

Photos by Dave MacIntyre