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Part 2: Lost somewhere in Texas

We all have those movies that are our favorites; by favorites I mean we watch them hundreds of times and can recite them almost line for line. Well my guilty pleasure is like a stamp on being a
product of the 90’s, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. This was a cheesy classic dark comedy that had a pretty straight forward storyline and lovable characters. So why can filmmakers not just put out movies that have a predictable storyline and the classic unlucky lovable characters in current times?

Well, while we do still see that in some major films it takes a real twist and interesting storyline to even get our attention nowadays.

Diary of an Independent Filmmaker: By Preston Corbell
Diary of an Independent Filmmaker: By Preston Corbell

Everywhere we turn there is a new channel and films everywhere, it seems like everyone wants to be a filmmaker. For everyday indie filmmakers it takes the shock factor to even get a glimpse from the general public. Independent filmmakers really have to step up and deliver an outstanding story that is unique enough to stand out of the crowd. There is an interesting viewpoint to independent filmmaking: that is that the filmmaker is every department, they are the direct link and pulse of the production. We indie filmmakers feel that as humans we learn best by doing, when we have no other option but to learn fast and effectively.

To develop a high quality film with no budget with only passion to fuel the project, the filmmaker is forced to create and be fully in touch with their project. The fight or flight aspect of independent filmmaking is what separates independent filmmakers from big productions. The creativity is forced to develop and come out in an unique way.

Austin, Texas is full of creativity and offers tremendous opportunities to the independent filmmaker. After leaving North Carolina I returned home to Texas where I was born but had left around age 10. I lived all over the United States but I spent the majority of growing up as a teenager in Orange County, California. Austin, Texas was always that dream city I would want to live in. The film aspect of the city was an added bonus. It also gave me the drive to return to film with a new-found creativity to filmmaking. I had always worked for someone else, acted out someone else’s
script and held on to someone else’s dream. Now I sit here lost somewhere Texas with a dream and passion for film. What the hell do I do now?

(to be continued….)

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Preston Corbell is an Austin, Texas based filmmaker/actor and clothing designer. Check out Preston’s latest film here.