Malka The Constant StateThe New York based genre spanning Dreampop act Malka, founded by Darko Saric, have taken the Shoegaze template with their debut EP and reworked it in a unique way. Saric also composes music for television and is apparent in The Constant State.  The track “For Now We Live” is very atmospheric and fitting to the a soundtrack of a film.

The opening song “A Flock of Crows” exudes thick slabs of guitar noise interlaced with poly-rhythmic beats and is the standout track that uses poly-rhythmic drumming, although it is prevalent throughout the rest of the EP.  It sounds experimental like a piece of performance art embracing psychedelia, yet still holds on to the trademark Shoegaze walls of sound.

It is Mike Dawson’s drumming again that is the centre piece in “Wolves and Sheep”. A vast array of drumming techniques are used very subtly  throughout and it both drives and holds the song together.  The synth and guitars heighten the tension created by the ardent percussion, which is akin to the heartbeat of someone running from something.

“Mientras Se Respira” and “Corazon Sin Sangre” have Spanish lyrics that enhance the songs, the vocals acting like another instrument and adding to the atmosphere.  The words do not have to be distinguishable to make this work.

The Constant State is anything but constant.  It shifts effortlessly through varying genres and styles which essentially creates the overall ambiance.  The EP is more of an emotive aural experience. than simply a collection of seven songs.

Russell Hiscox