BLD-SP-DF-PACKSHOTDamogen Furies, the newest and first full-length release since 2012 by Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher, is an electronic music purist’s dream come true.  Crafted in its entirety using custom-built composition software, it is obvious from the joyfully synthetic opening track “Stor Eiglass”, that the album is unique yet familiar, and not requiring repeated listening to warm up to.  Quite the contrary; it’s infectious.

From “Stor Eiglass” on, Damogen Furies morphs into genre-bending blends of electro bliss that spans the golden eras of precision Drum and Bass, evident in “Baltang Ort”, Happy Hardcore and incredibly, but not surprising, Jazz fusion and more, yet the album stays remarkably cohesive.

Squarepusher pushes the boundaries in the mind-blitz assault “Rayc Fire 2”, starting out in a pointedly pounding electronic thump that quickly disintegrates in to near out of control storm of synthesized madness.  And it’s glorious.  The opening track and mid-point tune “Exjag Nives” are the closest to domestic EDM this album gets, and both are still a galaxy away from sounding anything commercial.

“Kwang Bass” opens decidedly delicious and acidic reminiscent of origins techno and double LP compilation greats like Aliens on Acid.  The sinister-sounding track “D Frozent Aac” finishes Damogen Furies on a darker note.  Cold, precise and unrelenting, it dismisses any notion that Squarepusher is all about glow tubes and smiley faces, and sets in stone the vastness of his composing magnitude.  Furthermore, it cements his rightful place where the best of the best of this music comes from.  The underground.

Dave MacIntyre