Season Six
Episode 12 – “Wedding Videography”


I admit, I thought I had Community’s endgame figured out. Like past seasons, I assumed the next-to-last episode of the year would end on some dramatic cliff-hanger that sets up the finale. It would end with the study group’s backs against a wall with the fate of Greendale/the Dean/Elroy’s RV(?) hanging in the balance.

But it seems, with almost six seasons in the can, everyone’s tired of all the drama.

“Wedding Videography” is a stand-alone episode that perfectly encapsulates the unbridled absurdity that’s defined Community season six. How crazy did they go, you ask? Let’s recap (man, I’m going to miss writing these):

Episode 12 opens with Abed behind the camera documentary-style in Jeff’s law class. Unbeknownst to all, he’s there to record notable human-disaster Garrett as he proposes to long-time girlfriend Stacey (Dan Harmon’s real-life wife Erin McGathy). She accepts, to the shock of all present, and just like that the second-to-last Community of the season is a wedding episode.

The big day arrives, but while Todd is presiding over the vows, musing aloud that he might in fact be God (is Todd becoming a super-villain?!), the gang cause a scene by showing up drunk and falling over a hedge. Garrett’s mother (theatre legend O-Lan Jones) tells off Jeff and co., they apologize, and pledge to be the best wedding guests EVER for the rest of the night.

That’s when things get really bad.

Without getting into specifics, the gangs efforts at nicety somehow result in fainting, a spot-on Aubrey Plaza impression, alcoholic relapses, and mild to moderate incest (depending on your state law).

As crazed as all that sounds, “Wedding Videography” is par for the course in a season that has been pushing the limits of lunacy since the premiere. I mean, was anything we saw tonight nuttier than the Dean becoming addicted to 90s-era virtual reality? Or Britta falling in love with a guerrilla marketer for Honda? Or Abed directing a sci-fi to cash in on Chang’s stardom for a ham-related catch phrase? Season six has first and foremost been about the laughs. Plot, moral-learning, and character growth (outside of some Britta/parents stuff) was, for better or worse, pushed to the backburner in favor of outrageous gags and dean-puns.

That isn’t to say there’s nothing at stake in next week’s finale. As funny as the gang have been this season, viewers know that Jeff Winger is clearly not okay. His drinking issue has yet to be addressed, Frankie just revealed she’s actively keeping Annie and him separated, and Jeff’s morose expression after Garrett’s proposal implies a loneliness he has yet to articulate. Whether any of these character issues are resolved remains to be seen, but for a show that once prided itself in building grounded characters with relatable problems, I’d be genuinely surprised if they weren’t.

12 down and one to go! No word yet on a definite season seven renewal (Yahoo keeps a tight lid on their ratings) but I for one remain hopeful next week isn’t the last of everyone’s favorite human beings.

See ya then!

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  1. Yes. This season has been pretty crappy. It’s as if nobody has any personalities anymore, and the show is just about amping up the absurdity. Characters don’t grow and say random things incoherent with their original personality. Seriously if I was one of the producers I would yell at the writer and Dan Harmon.

    Wedding Videography a terrible episode, not so surprising considering that the writer is a crazy advocate for incest. I mean, who supports incest? What kind of sane or educated people do that? More importantly, is Dan Harmon on crack to hire a writer like that for this show?

    Community has been lighthearted and silly from the get-go. That’s the charm. The show always comes across with a very inclusive attitude towards different paradigms, but never promoted any specific political or social agenda though every character has theirs.

    That’s one of the reasons it has been loved by the younger audience. It shows people in a pluralistic community voicing various opinions in different ways without trying to make conclusions of its own on them or siding with any side. Even in the way characters responds to other’s opinions are often not unanimous. There is essentially no pitching ideas or drawing conclusions, and the show simply lets the audience see the ideologies that exist and leave the rest to you organically. That’s what gave the show a true sense of community. And if ever there was one thing ever pitched, it was the idea of community and how the group should stay together. Even when it comes to the characters, the same approach was clear. Not one character is shown as any more right and reliable than others. Everyone in the group has some major idiosyncrasies that are not always represented as flaws or strengths. They all do stupid things and suddenly help randomly.

    This along with a smart plot is what gave Community a sense of reality and comforting objectivity which grounds the crazy fantastical escapades in each episode.

    This episode is completely out of sync with the show in quality, story, writing and overall concept. Every character is acting against their personality, just doing and saying random things. Garret who’s usually very interesting is just a lame regular groom. Abed who is so strict with his filming is suddenly recording random poorly made footage of wedding videos. He didn’t even try. And then at the end you get this apparently now-perfunctory ending bit that’s overly melodramatic or straight out creepy. Come on, a stupid writer with an deviant agenda comes out and promote incest? It feels forced, out of place, but most importantly would be similar to an ad promoting pedophilia. Dan Harmon, are you being blackmailed or have you simply lost it?

    I weep for Community. I used to love this show so much, waiting for each episode and looking forward for the silly jokes and adorable goofs being themselves. There was a goodness there, a lack of control and scheming, a lack of shameless agenda promotion.

    But you guys have lost your heart and your way. You are not genuine anymore. It’s just old tricks with no souls.

    This episodes along with several others this season are the worst of all seasons, even including season 4 & 5.

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