It may have taken 5 years, but the wait has been worth it.  Sleep Therapy, via Baby Robot Media, has announced June 23rd as the release date of their 2nd (of 4) EPs entitled Creatures.  And it is magnificent.  The concept for the project of releasing 4 individual EPs throughout 2015 began in August of 2014 and came to fruition with the Atlanta GA band’s first EP release Dirt City Swans in January.  Adding to the already interesting concept, the band sells the EPs not as physical copies.  Instead, purchasers receive an 8″ X 10″ print of the album’s cover, beautiful and collectible in itself, with a download code printed on the back.

The moody post-apocalyptic ambiance of Creatures is palpable from the opening title-track that swirls with guitar reverb and a slow burning urgency that eclipses at the song’s finish like a wildly spinning coin settling to a full stop.

The aptly titled “This Is Power” is a sludgy head-bobber that focuses more clearly on the harmonic vocals of John Lally, that have a very appealing Bernard Sumner quality to them, without sacrificing the Dream Poppy distortion that fuels Sleep Therapy’s sound.  Fans of Slowdive and Nothing will thoroughly enjoy “Suns”, a song that mixes the rawer elements of Nothing’s hard core roots with the blissful haze of Slowdive’s signature dreamy sound wash.


“Matriarch” the final song on the EP, and available for your listening enjoyment below, steps through musical transitions of quiet and loud to perfection.  Throughout the 7-plus minutes, it feels massive and on the brink of outright chaos at times, but retains enough control to keep it cohesive until it slowly and beautifully diminishes out of existence.

Be sure to listen to Dirt City Swans on their Bandcamp page.  If these first two offerings are hints at what’s to come, Sleep Therapy’s 4 EPs as a collection, will be formidable.

Dave MacIntyre