gut-movie-poster-600x888GUT (2012)

Directed by Elias
Starring Jason Vail, Nicholas Wilder and Sarah Schoofs

GUT is a film by a director who only has one name: Elias. From the beginning sequence till the end, the film has a heavy indie vibe that works in some areas but struggles in others. The audience goes through stages that peak with intense imagery and dark subject matter to valleys where the film is going through the motions in between the dramatic pieces. GUT takes you on a ride that has a climatic ending that will stay in your mind long after you watch this film.

Tom (Jason Vail) and Dan (Nicholas Wilder) are best friends and they also work together. Tom is going through the motions in life and at work. There is a sense that something is missing in his life. Dan has come across a video that will surely take Tom’s mind off his day to day stress. The film is a snuff-like film, a graphic display of a unmasked person preforming heinous acts on a victim. Tom cannot comprehend what he has seen and quickly exits. At home Tom has a beautiful wife Lily (Sarah Schoofs) who is unaware of what Tom has gone through but is there to help keep Tom sane. All this leads into a climatic ended that will leave the audience on the edge of their seats and a conclusion that provides a perfect well-rounded artistry only GUT can produce.

GUT bed

The acting by the three main actors is exceptional throughout. Jason Vail shows the roller coaster of emotions that Tom goes through without missing a beat. Nicholas Wilder gives Dan far less emotion but provides a darkness and detachment of the character that helps fuel the film. Sarah Schoofs’ portrayal of Lily is nothing short of outstanding and continues to progress as the film goes on. Lily is left in the dark about what is really going on and Sarah brings the character to life. The acting really helps the momentum of the film in spite of the dull moments in between the action sequences.

Overall, GUT is definitely worth a watch. Where the film struggles, the ending makes up for. There are definitely some continuity issues through out the film and a sense of slow burn for the better half of the film. With patience from the audience GUT is well worth it in the end. Film rating: 4/5

Preston Corbell is an Austin, Texas based filmmaker/actor and clothing designer and writes about Horror films and an Independent Filmmaker diary for Step On magazine. Check out Preston’s latest film here.