Nas: Photo via Bestival Toronto.
Nas: Photo via Bestival Toronto.

This Saturday night, Nas will be taking center stage amid a talented lineup of lesser known electronic and indie artists at Bestival Toronto. On first thought, devout Nas fans and Bestival-goers alike may wonder why the nominee for creation of “Best Rap Album”’ in years 2000, 2009 and 2012, respectively, is headlining at a predominately electro music festival. However, considering Bestival Toronto is advertised as “going beyond the music” with its encouragement of elaborate costumes and never-before-seen entertainment stations (think marriage booths and restorative spas), Nas’ allegorical lyricisms and striking flow is sure to transcend musical genre as we know it, at least for these two days.

As for the other headliner, Florence + the Machine are set to perform on Friday night. Festival coordinators have touted the diverse artistry of the heavy-hitting headlining duo of Nas and Florence + the Machine as being integral to the festival’s joyously bizarre atmosphere come June 12th and 13th.

For Nas, the timing makes sense. With the recent announcement of his new (12th!) hip-hop album set to be released sometime this summer, maybe he’ll give us a taste; and if not, no one would be opposed to hearing some tracks from the man behind the sensational 1994 album Illmatic. With six number one albums on the Billboard Chart, Nas could try his hand at electronic music this Saturday night and probably come out successful.

With all the other entertainment going on, from knitting for charity, to bubble battle flash mobs or to simply hanging out by the bar, don’t get too lost in the escapist world of Bestival Toronto – check out Nas and the rest of performers for an unforgettable weekend.

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