As promised by the weather forecast, the rain in Toronto ended overnight and we were welcomed back to Toronto Island by dazzling sunshine and blue skies.  Saturday at Bestival was noticeably fuller but as easy-paced as the day before. Musically, the lineup was just as diverse and interesting as Friday’s and included highlight performances by Banks and Caribou on the main stage, Bakermat and Keys N Krates in the Big Top tent, and DJ Tennis in the Bollywood booth.  Only the most patient of partiers willing to endure a long line up would get anywhere near the Sunday Best beach party as the sunshine made dancing barefoot on the sand a very popular attraction.

As the sun crept down and Toronto’s beautiful city skyline came to life, belching towers of flame from Bollywood would continue to ignite the sky. The Perrier greenhouse glowed its alienesque neon emerald and the trees around the site awakened in the brilliance of a thousand twinkling pinpoints of light.  The first year of Bestival in Toronto was coming to a close.  When we look back and realize the size and scope of what Rob and Josie da Bank were trying to accomplish here, the minor hiccups were inconsequential.  Bestival was overwhelmingly positive and brought an atmosphere to our city that is not often or easily accomplished.  One of unity, fun, and celebration in a safe space surrounded by nature.  We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Review and photos by Dave MacIntyre