UnderstudyAt only 18 years of age, singer / songwriter Holly “Lapsley” Fletcher is making music far beyond her years. While her EP entitled Understudy is short and sweet, it’s pretty powerful. The four track EP is a haunting yet totally listenable taste of what fans can expect from this young artist in the future.

Coming from a primarily classical background, Lapsley (her middle name) also has a passion for electronic music. Struggling to find music that meets somewhere in the middle, she created her signature sound as a purgatory where her classical skills and training and a love for synth could live together. This fusion is something that can be heard very clearly in each of Understudy’s songs and it makes for a very compelling and unique sound.

Lapsley’s “Falling Short” is a soulful departure into her minimalist electronic vibe. “And it’s times like these/and it’s days like these” she implores over a dichotic mix of classical piano and 808’s. Her vocals are drawn out as they drip and fade over emotional lyrics “Because you took something away from yourself / Come back to this route and take your heart to higher self”

Overall, Understudy has a very atmospheric quality to it. Her bare bones sound mixed with her choir-like falsetto makes for a very dream-like listening experience. Lapsley switches things up and picks up the tempo a bit in “8896”. Her beats get a little gritty in this particular track, as do her lyrics, and you can really hear her fervour all while maintaining that distant fragility she is known for. Lapsley uses a drop vocal mix technique on most of her songs and with that she manages to bring the skeletons of her originally acoustic songs, to airy and ethereal life.

Listeners will be able to hear echoes of The XX and if you are a fan of the English quartets’ indie Electro-Pop sound then Lapsley is an artist you will want to be on the lookout for in 2015.

There is something very beautiful and delicate about the way Lapsley crafts her songs, and while I don’t think her EP will be for everyone, I can definitely say that everyone will be able to take something they like from Understudy.  I’m looking forward to seeing what this young and very talented songstress comes up with next.

Kasandra Martinez is a copywriter/blogger from Toronto who loves writing and covering hip-hop songs on her ukulele.
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