LosAngelesCoined as an experimental electronic album that is the soundtrack to the city, the debut album Los Angeles from producer/artist The Lovely Lonely, radiates with infectious synthetic melodies and depth that spreads far beyond the borders of California.

Starting the record off is the instrumental “Arrivals”, a rich yet simplistic loop of echoing synthy goodness that reveals what is to come deeper in.  The relentless heartbeat pulse of the song is palpable and surges with an urgency that is both strangely calming and anxiety inducing all at once; the life force of LAX captured in music.

We get our first taste of the robotic electro lyrics that permeate the album in “UNI”, a song that blends a modern electronic backing track with classic flavours of Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn”.  The formula works and carries on through “Favor” and the highly catchy “Nightlife” before hitting “Away” the first of many truly standout tracks on the album.  Fans of “Under Your Spell” by Desire will adore “Away” for its 80’s inspired Synth-Pop energy and familiarity.

Only half way through the album and I am already sold on The Lovely Lonely.

The pulsating synths of “Streets” is downright sinister and threatening and does not relent throughout its entire 3-minutes.  It’s a song that would fit nicely as a B-Side for the darker parts of Depeche Mode’s Music For The Masses.  “Desole” is the closest to modern electronic dance music that the album touches upon and would make a fine addition to any club DJ set, yet the song does not deviate significantly enough to make it non-cohesive to the rest of Los Angeles.

One of the few tracks on the record to feature non-digitized lyrics is “Save Me”.  Its combination of sensual female vocals, buzz saw synthesizers and deep bass is both hypnotic and blissful, and is another standout track.  This is immediately followed by “Missing”, a song that oozes with 80’s synth-pioneers influence.  Think Camouflage, OMD and once again Kraftwerk, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of the feel of this song.

Leaving Los Angeles we hear “Departures”, an instrumental piece that is all about depth and atmosphere.  It’s dark and unapologetic, much like the city itself, and makes a fitting end to an outstanding start to finish record.  In Los Angeles, The Lovely Lonely have crafted an album that pays homage to the synth masters of the 80’s while remaining very much unique and fresh.  It’s a sound and style that today seems reserved for only the greatest movie soundtracks, making both The Lovely Lonely and the debut album, a diamond in the rough.

Los Angeles is available on iTunes, Amazon and all other major online digital stores, or visit their SoundCloud page to hear more.

Dave MacIntyre