DeathGrips006Death Grips performed at The Danforth Music Hall on Friday July 3rd in one of the few Canadian stops on their much anticipated North American tour. Following a double album release, a series of eclectic music videos, and the announcement of breaking up, the band has grown to a monstrous force in the online music community.

Death Grips immediately set the tone for what was expected with a blend of the “Runaway E” instrumental with “The Powers that B” lyrics, then seamlessly digging into “Takyon” from their first mix tape Ex Military. With no stops between, the group plowed through a 23-song set with an intense presence both sonically and visually.

The set was straightforward (which is expected with their minimalist approach) with only immense, hellish red lights, and absolutely no communication to the audience besides the performance. Although simple, the aggressive energy of the band created such an atmosphere that nothing else was needed. MC Ride’s presence and vocal delivery stirred the audience into enthusiasm and the brash attack and virtuosity of Zach Hill was a special treat of both improvisation and musicality that intensified the experience of listening to the group’s songs far beyond that of listening through your speakers.

Death Grip’s rich wall of sound and blend of electronic and punk sensibilities translates incredibly to the live stage. There’s passion behind their performance, and it wasn’t held back for an instant.

Review and photos by Alex Gougeon. Alex is a Toronto-Based freelance Writer, Musician and Videographer who loves every thing Film and Music.