ChicChoc1-1000pxWe recently had the opportunity to sample the newly launched Chic Choc Spiced Rum. This unique rum with indigenous spices harvested from the rugged Chic Choc Mountains in Quebec, seemed a perfect treat for our Labour Day weekend north of Toronto. While we weren’t quite mountaineering or standing on the back of an angry bear (Daring Adventurers, We Salute You!), we were camping for the first time in too many years, and the rules and guidelines of allowed items on the trip permitted one precious bottle of liquor. What better than a nice, new, 100% Canadian rum to sample and share with fellow campers?

Chic Choc is even more unique than its instantly memorable name would suggest. It takes its flavour from Peppery Green Alder, Pine Forest Spikenard, Witherod Berries, Lovage Root, Sweet Gale Seeds and Wild Angelica. The notes of ginger and Nordic spices make this work as a delicious sipping rum or a nice enhancement to your favourite rum cocktail. To add to the specialness of the occasion, prior to June Chic Choc was only available in Quebec and is now available in Ontario at the LCBO.

The beautifully designed label with its conquering explorer and grand bear in turn of the century historical hues of red and gold is sure to catch your eye, or else ask for it at your local LCBO.

Our recommended mix, which goes great for an evening drink on the campsite or cottage dock:

Labour Day Eve: 2 oz Chic Choc rum, topped with some ice & ginger ale, garnished with a wedge of lime