The MaineFor The Maine’s Fall tour, its title is exactly what it implies. Each stop of the thirteen day tour is 100% free, no catch. While you’d normally expect a line to start forming many hours before any show, fans were able to get a wristband as their ticket for the show and told to come back to wait in line at 4 PM, giving them plenty of time to explore Downtown Disney and enjoy the bright sunny day.

As fans entered the House of Blues and began to fill up the floor, many talked about the opening band, one that many had never heard of before. As told by Beach Weather’s lead singer, Nick Santino (ex- A Rocket To The Moon), this was the band’s very first tour and their thirteen or fourteenth time playing live. He shared that before the tour started, The Maine’s drummer, Pat Kirch, asked if the band wanted to join the tour and of course, they accepted.  With only one EP under their belt titled ‘What A Drag’, the indie-pop band played through most of it including their single “Wolf” and a brand new, unreleased track. With an upbeat sound and catchy lyrics, many members of the crowd easily became fans.

As The Maine walked on stage in a rush of bright blue lights, the crowd erupted as they began their set with ‘English Girls’. You could easily feel the guys energy on stage as they happily moved around on stage, only stopping later in the set to take a group photo with the crowd before playing an acoustic song, ‘Whoever She Is’. While lead singer John O’Callaghan made jokes about not being able to buy the sweaty crowd drinks due to the little money they’ve made on this tour, he made sure to thank everyone for attending. He explained that the band had wanted to do a free tour in the past and in their eighth year as a band; they finally had the chance to do so.  As the crowd sang along to every song, John made sure to hold out his mic and even let two fans up on stage to sing a verse during ‘Right Girl’.  The band closed out their set with the perfect sing along song, ‘Another Night On Mars’. After the show, the two bands made sure to hang out with fans and take photos for as long as they could.

Review and Photos by Lindsy Carr