Ride005Fans didn’t have quite as long to wait to see Ride this time around, as we were lucky enough to catch them in June for the first time in over 20 years. Still, New Yorkers were anticipating these two nights at Irving Plaza – now that we’ve had another taste of Ride’s dreamy sounds, we’re reluctant to let it slip away.

We’d all heard that Ride was rehearsing more of their catalog to add to the fall repertoire, so fans were on pins and needles. New songs since the last tour included “Perfect Time”, “Here and Now” and “Today” to begin the encore.  And while played once or twice on this tour, New York got to hear the gorgeous “Unfamiliar” for the first time.

The band was as full of energy as ever, despite playing to a mellow, stationary crowd. Ironic that Ride was once characterized as Shoegaze, when 20 years on we see Mark rocking out all over the stage. Oddly enough, the mellow crowd adopted a sedentary Shoegaze stance. It’s confounding that few in the audience danced to Ride’s supremely danceable music.

Those fortunate to make it to Monday’s show had the bonus of seeing Diiv. Their melodic, echoing riffs recall Joy Division, but add a more current, driving beat. All in all, a perfect bill, a “Perfect Time.”  Set lists and photos below.

Lauren Krohn is a photographer and nutritionist living in Brooklyn, NY.  You can see more of her photography at www.laurenkrohn.com, follow her on Twitter @LKrohnPhoto and Instagram @lauren_a_krohn

September 21, 2015 September 22, 2015
Leave Them All Behind Leave Them All Behind
Like a Daydream Like a Daydream
Polar Bear Polar Bear
Seagull Seagull
Unfamiliar Twisterella
OX4 Cool Your Boots
Decay Perfect Time
Chrome Waves Here and Now
In a Different Place In a Different Place
Black Nite Crash Black Nite Crash
Time of Her Time Time of Her Time
Dreams Burn Down Dreams Burn Down
Taste Taste
Vapour Trail Vapour Trail
Drive Blind Drive Blind
Encore Encore
Today Today
Mouse Trap Mouse Trap
Chelsea Girl Chelsea Girl