We are looking for a few experienced music writers or emerging writers (with blogging or college journalism experience), playlist curators, interviewers and rebels (etc.) who want to be part of the next wave of truly independent journalism doing it different and better. You can be based anywhere (we work mostly remotely) as long as your heart and (musical) references are sound and you understand (or are curious enough to find out about) the meaning of “On The Sixth Day God Created Manchester”. The Industrial Revolution was pretty good too.

Ideally, you can commit to generating your own topics (ideally 3-4 month on average) and submit polished work. If you are a music reviewer, you can pitch ideas or we can assign albums for review. We are looking for independent film reviewers and music festival writers and photographers as well. January/February 2016 marks our first anniversary and our first annual print edition yearbook, and are planning to offer print editions on about a quarterly basis. Regular contributors can have a chance to have their work in print as well as on the site and a digital magazine for subscribers.

Please read and browse our site and our social media: Facebook, Twitter , Instagram & Flickr to see more of what we’re about, and note the bands and artists we aren’t about too- particularly most of the current top 30 or those hyped on award shows. We are basically a gossip free zone where quality music and culture news is our passion. We focus on quality, musicianship, originality, independence, keen musical references/vocabulary that is out there in many new and indie artists as well as our personal reclamation of stories about the often underrated or sidelined alternative and non-mainstream music (and culture and film) of the glorious 80’s and 90’s. Many bands are still active or back out on the road, and the road needs them with the state of things today. We are a positive voice of independent media and diverse opinions and recommendations for album/gig reviews, retrospectives, and essays about worthy artists you rate highly are welcome, especially as you grow with us.

We are open and flexible to new ideas, suggestions and feedback. Feel free to send us a message on Facebook or an email.

Read our About Us page to see what we’re about. Please share if you know anyone with good grammar who can commit a few hours a month to just writing down what they’re thinking about or shouting at the stereo or saying in the pub anyway. Give the missus a break and join us. Leave a comment here with your pitch, bio, links & contact info (will not be published) or email us.  We’d be happy to discuss this with you or answer any questions you may have. Thanks! Dave & Jacqueline – Co-Founders & Editors.

(All Photos: Dave MacIntyre/Step On Magazine)