CATL. are a high energy rock n’ roll couple hailing from Toronto. The band features Jamie bashing away on his ’48 Gretsch, while Sarah holds down a steady, dirty groove on the 2-piece drum kit. They have been described as ‘punk rock blues’ and been affectionately compared to The Cramps and The Flat Duo Jets.


After a few near misses and as luck would have it, we finally got the chance to see CATL. play recently at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton. We’ve been fans of their music for a couple of years now and for one reason or another, we kept missing a show.  I guess that’s what happens when you are a busy musician yourself.


You wouldn’t know it from just listening, but there’s only 2 of em onstage and its quite the full sound and an infectious show. They entertain, they jump about, they move and groove with passion, you don’t want to take your eyes off of them in case you miss something! The sound is tight but there is also ample space. Sometimes the space is just space. other times, it’s a spot to convey the emotion of the moment.  All in all, its hands down great!


We already knew going in that we LOVED the tunes.  The show just sealed the deal and we’ve now evolved to the next level of CATL. fandom. If you ever have the chance to see em live, TAKE IT!

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