RobDickinson002Ferment lives in my top 10 list of the best albums ever made and will unlikely ever be nudged out of it by any other band.  Needless to say, the split of Catherine Wheel was a tough one to take; just add them to a long list of under-appreciated bands that should have enjoyed massive success, but was dismissed and/or neglected by the music press.  Front-man Rob Dickinson now spends his time as the creative director of Singer Vehicle Design, a business that restores and modifies vintage Porsche automobiles for clients.

Before that business really started to take off, Rob released a solo record, Fresh Wine For The Horses, and toured to support it.   The music was great, but what really stood out was his acoustic reinterpretations of Catherine Wheel classics such as “I Want To Touch You”, “The Nude” and always amazing “Black Metallic”.  We saw Rob twice in Toronto.  On his second visit, he brought along another musician (his name I don’t recall) who played along side him on an electric guitar.  It was the first time since Eden Fest in 1996 we were treated to an electric version of Black Metallic and a night I won’t ever forget.

Dave MacIntyre