The 16th installation of Wavelength festival featured must-see Toronto band Beliefs on Saturday night at The Garrison.  Josh Korody and Jesse Crowe formed the Dream Pop duo after meeting at a party and discovering a shared love for My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, and other bands of the ’90s that still matter to so many.  They have since released a self-titled album and 2015’s brilliant follow-up Leaper, which is making great impact with friends of Step On’s in the UK.

Beliefs Leaper on green Vinyl
Arrived today from Canada, Beliefs – Leaper on transparent green vinyl – Yogi “Shoegazer” Duncan

The bitter-cold of Saturday night (the first really cold snap Toronto has had this winter) did not prevent fans from filling The Garrison, and Beliefs did not disappoint.  Accompanied by supporting musicians, the set was short but sweet including a highlight performance of wall-of-sound “Ghosts” from the Leaper release.

Listen to “Ghosts” below.  Get the rest of Beliefs releases from Hand Drawn Dracula.

Photos of Beliefs at The Garrison on Saturday February 13th by Dave MacIntyre