On the coldest weekend in Toronto so far this year, the crews from SummerDaze and Desert Hearts, hoped to heat up Valentine’s Day with a party in a north Toronto warehouse. The 15,000 sq ft venue at the corner of Dovercourt and Dupont used to house a furniture collection, but for one night it housed a killer dance party.
DJ BoothWhile the two names of the planning parties conjure up warm feelings, there was no escaping the cold weather – especially when the venue is a thin-walled shed with no heating! The fact that the temperature inside the warehouse was a brisk minus eight hardly slowed the party. As the night moved on, the makeshift dance floor became crowded, breath could be seen in the air as cheers and conversations bellowed, and heat was felt emanating from bodies swaying along to the pulse of house music. Props to the one girl who turned up in a swimsuit and spring-loaded boots, and seemingly brought the heat all night even though there is no way she could have been warm!

Kiss BoothFor such a large open space there was very little in the way of decorations aside from the lighting rig that accompanied the DJ booth. There was a kissing booth under a heart shaped arch where couples kissed and posed for photos all night, a glowing stingray hanging from the roof, a hoop for a dancing acrobat couple, and a line of portable toilets, which solved the problem of lack of washrooms, but also served as a warm nod to summer music festivals.

On a folding resin table at the back of the venue, tallboys were cracked open and various liquors were dispersed into solo cups. A young girl tells me that a mixture of Redbull and vodka is keeping her warm and asks me to try one with her. I decline and do my coat up a little higher. In a makeshift dinning room of communal folding tables, people enjoyed a fifty dollar multi-course meal… or settled for selections off a ten-buck value menu.

Lasers and Smoke

The night was not light on music.

Dirty Decibels and Lee Reynolds headlined with their unique blend of beats that kept the crowd moving for heat. There was also some top level local talent in the booth earlier in the night courtesy of Thomas Cardin and Shea Marie, both well respected in the GTA for their mixing prowess.

Review and photos by Luke Williams.  Luke grew up a fan of punk and pop punk in a field of cows just outside of Barrie, Ontario. You can follow him on Twitter @musicwithluke