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Pop Culture/Counter Culture News

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Posted by on Friday, April 1, 2016

For fellow Pop Culture junkies – we’re talking to the ones whose Pop Culture references are encyclopedic, baffle casual movie watchers and and can cover 1950s to 2010 when it all went to hell, and those who search the far corners of culture to find treasures and oddities: check out our newest Must site, the Sundance Now Doc Club for a great archive of classic and offbeat documentaries including I Think We’re Alone Now (2008) about the dynamics, underlying factors, and clashes of Superfans (and the nuances around Stalkers vs. Superfans) and questions raised around a star’s apparent complicity such as those posed by the greatest ever Pop Culture/recapping blog Four Four: “Is what truly separates a stalker from a superfan a few decades of career decline?” The film is executed with intimacy, respect for its subjects, and a healthy dose of humour.

In “kismet” news, Snoop Dogg is finally narrating his own nature showPlanet Snoop on his own cannabis pop culture site Merry Jane. Check out “Squirrel vs. Snake”.

I’m sure many will agree, this one TV sitcom triggered (or at least accelerated) the downfall of Western Civilization.

Iconic, one of a kind comedian Garry Shandling passed away suddenly March 24th of a massive heart attack. You’ve never needed a good reason to seek out the never-to-be-duplicated Larry Sanders show, so original it’s still influencing TV comedy today, but here’s a good reminder to put it on your must list. Artie assesses Alec Baldwin.

Incredibly, Jerry Seinfeld very recently hosted Shandling for a brilliant episode of his series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (in a beautiful Cashmere Beige vintage Porsche) entitled “It’s Great That Garry Shandling is Still Alive.” They discussed Robin Williams’ death and their own eventual departures from the planet. Very funny and poignant.

New & Notable Music 


Check out “Monkey Mafia” by Love & the Family Tree, the project from Happy Mondays Gaz Whelan and here featuring vocals by Rowetta. It’s a great throwback to our favourite of music and musical blends that still sounds fresh today. Get your “Psychedelia Anglo/Jamaican Indie” fix. Look out for their upcoming announcement for fall 2016 gigs. (Via Rowetta/Facebook)

Andy Rourke (ex-The Smiths) has joined with The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan and DJ Ole Koretsky to form D.A.R.K. with the strong, instantly addictive track “Curvy“. Debut album Science Agrees is out May 27th. (via Pitchfork/Facebook)

Alternative reverb-heavy purveyors of musical crack, Nothing, have released a preview of their second single from their upcoming release Tired of Tomorrow, “Eaten By Worms” to Rolling Stone. We’ve all been praying for someone to pick up the great early 90’s Alternative sound, so get on this band now.

THE SPECIALS have announced fall tour dates. We snapped up our tix for the Toronto show September 13th tout suite! Long Live The Lads. May Terry always enjoy himself first.

Film Finds and News

originalLook at this amazing still of Sissy Spacek in Badlands.  Slow West director John Maclean shares his Cinematic Baker’s Dozen (The Quietus).

Rose McGowan has directed (and shared to YouTube) an ambitious, rich and well-executed long-ish short film “Dawn“. It’s dripping with subtle, thoughtful influences – those cited by the director are “color palette of The Parent Trap (1961) the loneliness of an Edward Hopper painting, the driving tension of Night of the Hunter mixed with Hemingway’s unsparing style of editing. ” This cautionary tale is about a sheltered girl in 1961 and the dark depths an innocent crush can lead to through “casual negligence.” Watch out for more from McGowan, a director with vision and a true actor’s empathy.

Four-hour Synth-head documentary I Dream Of Wires is no available in a “Hardcore Edition” BluRay.

Art and Truths

Jeremy Lipkin’s “Starting a Painting” (on Oahu’s North Shore) is a revelation.

(Via Jeremy Lipking/Facebook)
10003995_318467908278251_306756327_n (via Facebook)

And finally, kermit gives us a reminder to just keep on being our wild, weird, creative selves, and keep writing.