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The detailed version:

Step On Magazine is looking for music & culture writers in three areas to be part of our small, dedicated and thriving team. The Toronto-based (but also, global) digital publication has the following volunteer opportunities:

1) “THE VOICE”: A self-directed, energetic Toronto-based culture writer who is either focused on one area of local culture or wants to write/cover Toronto culture more broadly via attendance at various local events this summer. This could include music festivals, art openings/media launches, food & drink, beer festivals, book events, music gigs, community-based events or other areas of culture of interest to the writer. You are active on social media and a social media “pro” & have a positive attitude and a love for the city, its neighborhoods and its offerings. You are plugged in to a couple of scenes and are passionate about a few more. You’ve explored areas east of Yonge Street. There is opportunity here to develop your own distinct voice / “column” in the magazine in this emerging area, and ample opportunity will be provided for access to events of note and your specialization. Ideally you can commit to a minimum of 3-6 months and be available for 8 hours/ week on average on a flexible schedule, and you are reliable in producing polished work. Students considered. email

2) “I WAS THERE!”: A Toronto-based music writer who is knowledgeable and interested in indie/alternative music scenes locally and more broadly who follows the mainstream and independent music press and digital platforms/ music channels who’d like to write music reviews (album reviews and/or live gig reviews) locally. This will include writing new music reviews (2-4/month, self-directed or assigned) and reviewing local music gigs at a variety of music venues around the city (2-4/month) based on your interests and our areas of focus. You can write concise, brief but considered live reviews (on tight deadlines) and record reviews for publication online under your own byline. You might be a musician or active music fan with something to say, and you might not be reading it elsewhere but think it should be said and the good word spread about new bands and returning bands. You could be an emerging music journalist or one with knowledge or even experience of the pre-digital media era like our own editors. You are a strong communicator and love to be in the crowd with like-minded people experiencing live music. If you are also a photographer or aspiring photographer (with your own rig) we welcome that and will provide additional opportunities to shoot live music ( & potentially music festivals).This could adapt to someone focusing on regions outside of downtown as well who specializes in another area, or equally, work in other cities across Canada with the right candidate. Ideally you can commit to a minimum of 3-6 months and be available for 3-4 hours/ week on average on a flexible schedule, and you are reliable in producing polished work. Students considered. email

3)”WRITER-AT-LARGE”: Have you always secretly wanted to be one? We need writers-at-large based anywhere in Canada, as well as writers-at-large in the U.K. and the U.S. who will write  essays, articles and journalism on subjects of your own design across areas of pop culture, counter-culture, subcultures, film, lit, digital culture, music, TV, arts and life. Topics may include what you see in our mag or beyond our current scope that fit with our vision. You write (and read) longer, in-depth magazine features that explore topics in some detail with a strong point of view that adds something new to the public conversation, you are an independent thinker and don’t follow trends. Your ideas are original and independent but your attitude fits well with ours for authentic journalism on substantive topics that matter. You probably loved Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Spin, NME, Select Magazine and many others growing up but always had alternative points of view or outgrew them over time. You may be an emerging writer or be established and we think we have a great place for you. (In addition, we have many interview opportunities with leading musicians and artists possible immediately if you are an interviewer.) Ideally, you can commit to a minimum of 6 months with us working at your own freelance pace and produce weekly or monthly pieces and you are looking to grow with a strong independent publication. Future editorial/masthead positions are possible. email

There are also EDITORIAL ASSISTANT opportunities for background/light internet research/writing for people who have limited time to contribute but still want to be part of a magazine’s production and are excellent communicators who work well independently, producing solid copy remotely/via email (8-10 hours/month, ideally you could commit for a month minimum). email

These roles are volunteer/ unpaid at this time. All work will include full credit/byline, editorial support and a strong platform with a global reach. Step On Magazine, founded in January 2015, is a strong new voice in digital media, focused on in-depth, original music journalism, reviews, essays, playlists, and news. We are focused on the music that defined us, and the music that will define us: Alternative, indie, Shoegaze, Manchester, Post-Punk, Modern Rock and other genres both authentic and original. We also feature writing, reviews and interviews on Alternative film, TV, culture, live events, music festivals, literature, art, travel, digital culture and media. We hope to hear from you! Yes, you!