Shoegazers Part 24It doesn’t seem that long ago that we created our very first Shoegazer playlist and now here we are at number 24!  The renewed interest in this this much-beloved genre, and others like it, has shone the spotlight on many of the great veteran bands, lesser known bands who’ve been making this music for years, and has inspired new bands to form and create excellent music of their own.  This playlist features music from Flyying Colours, Dazy Crown, Best Friend, My Invisible Friend, Baby Fire, Ethica, The churchhill garden featuring vocals by Krissy Vanderwoude, aerodrum, Astral Tide, You Walk Through Walls, and New Horror.

Remember to support independent artists by following the bands on their social pages, buying the music, and best of all, seeing them live if they visit your town.

Dave MacIntyre