seafangcoverSeafang’s brand new debut single, “Motorcycle Song” (b-side “Summertime”) came to us from our friends at Elephant Stone records in the snail mail. A 7″ single, on a bright happy blue record blue, it bears frameable cover art by Joe Castro, an exciting artist who’s known for his works in cut paper collage on paper. We are happily, firmly in the world of the real, of the craft, and of new music news.

In a time when living off line can be a dedicated effort, the real recommendation of old, the physical gesture and the physical copy is something music lovers are taking seriously again, at all points in the chain from artists to Indie labels to reviewers and to fans who are collecting vinyl with a passion again. These gestures and deliberate actions in the real world are important, passing music again hand to hand- when we could “just” send a file or even just a link. The ease of a file or a link has started to become too easy, too common, and too unreal, and can be too easily missed or ignored whereas mail that is not bills or unfriendly solicitation has become as rare and special as it was to kids who once sat on the bedroom floor making one of a kind packages for their pen pals around the world, or combing the backpages of UK magazines to find their kind in silent affirmation. And it is special, it does have a cost and take an effort. And is a gift.

Seafang’s girl harmonies layered over a rambunctious and solid rhythm section take us back too, like the package in the mail that brought them our way. There was once an abundance of voices that rose like this and music that rumbled like this, something too-long absent from the by-now useless music charts that we all ignore with effort and focus. Within the realm of Indie/Shoegaze Dream and Indie pop, these voices are rising again, in this case bringing an aura of great beachy music of today by way of St. Petersburg Florida, with Heidi on vocals, Susan and Stacy on guitars, Paul on  drums and Gary on bass (of 90s group Honeyrider).

Seafang’s Soundcloud page offers four tracks which flow together and increase the enjoyment of the solid 7 inch selections: including the two from the 7″ along with “Be the One” and “Seafang”. Each is a little different in tone but cohesive, and a couple of loops through them is enough to forget our regrettable recent sun overexposure and dream in a wistful way of waves and motorcycles and cool sunnies and cute outfits and boys as if summer were a faraway season and not right outside the door and kicking our butts in the north right now. We want to hear more from this band. We want to hear these sounds live in a rock club, and soon.

Seafang has already picked up some prestige airplay via Steve Lamacq’s BBC show, Mickey Bradley’s Record show on BBC Ulser, DKFM’s new tracks weekend and alternative radio airplay, as well as various podcasts. As Lush is now back making music and on the road to the delight of legions of fans, it’s a great time to celebrate the new guard of music inspired by those delicious and altogether pretty 90s sounds – Lush, Shop Assistants, Primitives -that we remember so fondly, and that groups like Seafang are taking into the next era of music being defined as we speak. Fans of Veronica Falls, Bleached, Best Coast and Crocodiles, as well as devotees of the C86 scene will want to give this EP some spins.

Seafang’s EP Motorcycle Song is available from Elephant Stone Records (Limited Edition 7″ vinyl) or via bandcamp.