On his newest track “Wired,” Toronto’s Commuted proves that he is as versatile as he is talented.

It’s the beginning of a new era for Commuted, the pseudonym of Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist David Eatock. Last year’s brilliant All’s Well That End’s Well explored multiple different styles, ranging from 1950’s doo-wop on “Prom Night”, to driving indie rock on “Matilda”, and atmospheric dream-pop on “It’s Understandable”.

This past June’s folk-influenced single, “The Earth Is A Comedy” took a darker, Sun Kil Moon-esque turn, reflecting on the deaths of countless cultural icons (reminding the listener that “this is the year of death”), political unease and uncertainty of 2016 so far. Despite such versatility, Commuted’s sound generally didn’t stray from traditional forms of rock music. That is why it came as a shock when Eatock announced that after “The Earth Is A Comedy” he was to move in a new direction with his next release.

That release is here and let me tell you, the transformation is extraordinary. Commuted’s “Wired” is a shift towards a more synth-pop sound, which would not feel out of place on a playlist of 80’s synth music, a testament to Commuted’s uncanny ability to adapt to different styles. Gone are the guitars, instead replaced with hooky synths and infectious drum beats one can find themselves lost in on dance floors and headphones alike. Eatock’s signature ghostly, reverb-laden vocals are still present despite the change of scene, adding a sense of comfort to old fans unsure of the change, but also complimenting this new sound quite nicely. If this were my introduction to Commuted’s music, I would be absolutely shocked by his previous output; he makes the transition of style appear effortless. Few artists could change their sound so quickly and still produce such quality.

With the announcement of this single also came the announcement of a full EP in this new direction. It’s quickly becoming clear that despite his pseudonym, Eatock’s musical commute is not in the past but continuing on into new territories. And as a listener, I for one am glad to be along for the ride.

Jake Lehman is an avid music junkie and guitarist in the Toronto-based Shoegaze/Noise band Tonemirror. Check them out HERE.