Chain Wallet

Bergen, Norway

These Norwegian Dream-poppers explore themes of betrayal, idleness and crushed dreams against the backdrop of an existential breakdown.

Right up our alley!

Listen to “Faded Light”

North by North

Chicago, USA

Frantic guitar, haunting keys and bombastic drums. Chicago-style rock and roll.

Listen to “Mam Gold”


Toronto, Canada

CTRL ALT ESC is a Canadian synthpop/synthrock duo consisting of Chris Bryant and Paul Zaleski.

Listen to “Your Love Is Dangerous”

The Alpacas

Barrie, Canada

Nick Harper, Greg Lee, Brett Garner, and Brent Lee aim to write honest, hooky, and heavy tunes that strike a balance between raw and refined.

Listen to “Wax”

Dead Rabbits

Southampton, UK

Dead Rabbits was formed in 2011 and since the start they’ve been busy playing countless gigs and tours throughout the UK and Europe – appearing at Eindhoven Psych Lab, Common People, Cosmosis Festival and sharing the stage with the likes of Band of Skulls, Yuck, Night Beats, Crystal Stilts and The Telescopes. Later in the year they’ll be heading out on a hugely expansive tour with The Warlocks.

Watch “All Your Little Lies”

The Suncharms

Sheffield, UK

The Suncharms are a Sheffield based indie/shoegaze band originally active between 1989-1993.  After releasing a retrospective CD compilation on Cloudberry Records, the band have reunited and are working on brand new material.

Listen to “Sparkle”

Teen Brains

London, UK

This London psych/shoegaze outfit are set to release the new Translucent EP on September 12th. Their matured direction sees them explore a more lucid, psychedelic leaning within their insatiable brand of shoegaze.

Listen to “Translucent”

Lo Fidelity Allstars (Remixed by DPPLGNGRS)

Leeds, UK

The late 90s Electronic band Lo Fidelity Allstars, who made a massive comeback appearance at Shiiine On Weekender 2015, get fabulous reinterpretation of “Come Alive” by DPPLGNGRS.  Think the darker vibes of Underworld with kisses of early Technotronic synth.




A shoegazer band “that makes you feel like you`re traveling through a long-abandoned ghost town, with a body full of tranquilizers”

Listen to “Wonder”

In Letter Form

San Francisco, USA

Drawing influence from the works of The (early) Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Interpol et al, they produce a sound that echoes the past, haunts the present and is constantly in the future.

Listen to “Terror (Is a State of Mind)”


Texas, USA

John Dufilho started a band and toured around America with The Deathray Davies, then around the world with the Apples In Stereo. Lately he’s been scoring movies (currently working on a western w/ Judd Nelson) and starting a new band with Andy Lester and Bill Spellman.

Inspired by the Ramones’ first album, 60’s garage, and a shit ton of beer, this is down to the essentials:  4 chords, fast and loud.  Fuzzy, infectious, minimalist punk rock.

Watch “Earthquakes and Hurricanes”

Feeding Fingers

Salzburg, Austria

Feeding Fingers is a rock band founded by artist Justin Curfman in 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia. They later relocated to Europe in 2010. As its principal songwriter, instrumentalist, singer and engineer, Curfman is the only constant member of the group.

Watch “Polaroid Papercuts”



Operators is Dan Boeckner’s (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, Devine Fits) brand new analog/electronic/dance project.

Listen to “Blue Wave”


I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

Berlin, Germany

IHNMAIMS took their band name from a dystopian science fiction short story about survivors of a nuclear war. Musical influences include The Cure, Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine.  Sounds good to us!

Watch the new video for “Drowning”

Astral Tide

Berlin, Germany

Soundtracking a potentially impending man-made end of the world scenario and the despair and revolt of our time through a doomgaze/punk aesthetic, Astral Tide could be defined as a massive flow of energy soaring through space.

Listen to “Cold Dark”

Elephant Stone

Montreal, Canada

Elephant Stone is the brainchild of vocalist, bassist, songwriter, and sitar player, Rishi Dhir. Also featuring Miles Dupire (drums/backing vox) and Gabriel Lambert (geetar/backing vox), Elephant Stone have toured extensively throughout North America and Europe and are prominent members of the burgeoning psych rock scene. Dhir has recorded, performed, and toured with indie rock icons Beck, legendary cult bands The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and contemporary psych titans The Black Angels and The Horrors.

Listen to “Manipulator”

Tim Muddiman and The Strange


Tim Muddiman is a full time member of electronic pioneer Gary Numan’s band and is releasing his 4th single in August and his debut album in September.

Check out “Glass Queen”

Chick Quest

Vienna, Austria

A Spaghetti Western Post-Punk band described as four people playing sweaty, explosive, dancey rock and roll built on creativity and fun.

Watch “Somebody Call a Doctor”


New York City, USA

Swellebound is a post-alternative band  featuring Richey Rose, guitarist of Jennie Vee

Listen to “Your Rose”

Basement Revolver

Hamilton, Canada

Hamilton, Ontario’s Basement Revolver plays introspective and emotional indie rock music, reminiscent of The Pixies and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Listen to “Lake, Steel, Oil”

A Sudden Burst Of Colour

Motherwell, Scotland

Following up from 2014’s ‘Waves Will Rise On Silent Water’, A Sudden Burst of Colour return with the 4-track EP, Ambivalence, which demonstrates not only their ability to pen hooks in a style all their own, but their ambition not to rest on laurels.

Listen to “The Fall”


Lubeck, Germany

Interstellar psycho-doom!  “A freaky sideshow of crazed Psychedelic Doom and Stoner Metal sounds and riffs. It feels like an all out musical jam between Black Sabbath, Hawkwind and Ufomammut!”

Listen to “Hypergiant”

Then They Flew

Lisbon, Portugal

A project featuring five musicians with different backgrounds, united by a shared passion for instrumental rock. Inspired by many of the international bands that define the genre, they gather songs with different moods in which they explore the generous possibilities of “post-rock”.

Listen to “Evergreen/Aftermath”

Strange Things

Vancouver, Canada

Psychedelic garage sounds….Strange Things are happening.

Listen to “Friend To Ghosts”


Montreal, Canada

Influenced by similar childhood identities, Caveboy is the culmination of the shared life experiences of its three members Michelle Bensimon, Isabelle Banos, and Lana Cooney. Their sound draws from new wave, electronica and indie rock with a contemporary approach through dreamy melodies, atmospheric soundscapes and deeply personal, passionate lyrics.

Watch and listen to “Monochrome”

Black Jackals

Liverpool, UK

There’s not a lot of info out there about these 4 blokes, but they play bangin’ music.  They’re also going to be at Shiiine On Weekender in November, which can only mean one thing….quality!

Watch and listen to “Stand High Stand Tall”

New Politicians

New Jersey, USA

New Politicians are a four piece Post-Punk, Alternative Rock band from Centerville, NJ. The band consists of Renal Anthony (vocals/guitar), Gian Cortese (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Erik Watson (drums), and John Comminel (bass).

Fans of Interpol will seriously dig this band.

Listen to “Cut A Hole”

Manon Meurt

Czech Republic

Manon Meurt are Káťa Elznicová, Vojtěch Pejša, Jana Karlíková, Jirka Bendl.  These shoegazers have played alongside The Raveonettes, The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, LSD and the Search for God, and My Bloody Valentine.

Listen to “To Forget”

The Ballroom Babies

Mississauga, Canada

Good old fashioned rock and roll from three brothers just outside of Toronto.

Listen to “Come On”

The Depression Suite

Peterborough, Canada

Craig Leslie McEachern is The Depression Suite; reverb-drenched music about loss, heartache, loneliness, and lost love. Somewhere in space.

Listen to “Destiny”.


Dortmund, Germany

Aacht is an exciting new face in electronic and techno. Aacht’s music career began with his involvement in several punk & hardcore bands. Ironically, it was there that one of his band mates introduced him to electronic music. After playing around with cracked production software, he became quickly addicted. Now part of the London based AVANT/GARDE collective, Aacht is looking to make his mark on the Techno scene.

Listen to “Distant”

Elisabeth Like A Dream

Reims, France

Elisabeth like a Dream founded in 2012 also known as ELAD; is a two-piece electronic music group from Reims, France and Belgrade, Serbia consisting of Aleksandra Plavsic and Myriam Bâ. Their music is a mixture of electronic rock, pop, and post-punk influenced by an underground sound from the Belgrade scene.

After their first EP “sing sing” released in 2014, Elisabeth Like A Dream is back in 2016 with a 7’ single “Shadow”.

Listen to “Shadow”

Karma Shake

Wrexham, UK

Karma Shake are a four piece based in the North West. They have just self-released their debut EP A Pocketful of Sky

Listen to “Another Way”

Shantih Shantih

Atlanta, USA

Shantih Shantih is a four-piece band from Atlanta, Ga. Their sound is characterized by hypnotic, knitted vocals and lysergic guitar solos that play over fuzzed-out melodies and mesmerizing beats. Shantih’s rock & roll blends Southern gothic images with rural Italian landscapes, creating vivid yet melancholic narratives.

Check out “Ruby”


Donegal, Ireland

Tuath is an Irish language, psychedelic, progressive post-punk/rock, shoegazey band, founded by Donegal man Robert Mulhern.  Fed up of being let down by singers for projects, he took over vocals himself. He is decalres outright he is not Sinatra.

The band consists of Robert Mulhern and Ashley Mobasser on sax with a revolving door of live contributors a la NIN.

Listen and watch “Existence Is Futile”


Indiana, USA

Whimsical, now a two piece, have decided to record an album of cover songs and some old Whimsical songs that never made it onto their albums.

“This is a way for us to get a feel of how new songs will come together for album number three. Songs will be added over the next few months as we finish them.”

Their 2nd album, Sleep to Dream, will be out soon on Saint Marie Records.

Listen to this superb cover of Slowdive’s “Dagger”, which is also available for download free of charge.



Previously unknown dream pop band from USA. The demo tape was recorded in 1992 but revealed from the ocean of obscurity only less than a week ago by ex-band member Eric Shea.

Listen to “Fall”, “Porcelain” and “Scenic”


The Battles Of Winter

London, UK

Formed some time ago in London but now geographically divorced, this four piece play ‘dramatic’, ‘complex’ and ‘expansive’ post punk / indie rock which is both subtle and aggressive.  They have been mentioned in the same breathe as the likes of Wire, Echo and the Bunnymen and Interpol and have played as support to Neil Young and The National at Hyde Park.

I definitely hear inflections of Interpol but would also add Editors to that list.

Watch “Love’s White Thread”

New Music from The Orange Kyte!

Not long ago, we featured the addictive “Dope: 86” on the New Music Radar followed shortly after with a Stevie Moonboots interview.

Now, The Orange Kyte has released “Microdose”, and it’s great!

Watch and listen…


Toronto, Canada

Another fantastic Toronto gaze band that is part of the Hand Drawn Dracula family alongside Beliefs.

Robyn Phillips spent her early years in Toronto playing lead guitar in several bands. With an experience of performing and writing in various genres, Robyn began working on material for her first solo project as VALLENS in the summer of 2014. Taking cues from everything from Rowland S Howard to Portishead, the project began to take shape with a concept of “Vallens” as an alter-ego of Phillips. Soon after, Vallens began recording a full length record with friend Jeff Berner of Psychic TV at his now defunct studio Galuminum Foil in Brooklyn, followed by several months recording songs at Candle Recording with Josh Korody (Beliefs, Wish).

Listen to “Dark Tunnel”

The 48k’s

Doncaster, UK

The 48k’s write tunes for the people. If they were not in the band then these are the boys they’d be rooting for. They’ve put the hard work in, they’ve worked for a living so people can relate to what they are saying. They all love a beer, a flutter on the gee gees, a night on the tiles, going the footy and their clobber but music is their passion.

Listen to “Where The Wind Blows”


Khan Tengri

North Bay, Canada

Khan Tengri makes psychedelic space rock in a corner of Canada’s northern wilderness. AEONS is unified by the loose concept of vast gulfs of cosmic time, expressed through the medium of kosmische, celestial psychedelia, and progressive rock. The aim of this music is both to enlighten and to frighten, containing as it does a sonic interpretation of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic horror novella, At the Mountains of Madness; an angry condemnation of human-created extinction; a tribute to Maitreya, the Future Buddha; a love song from one tiny, insignificant life to another; and a hard-rock Zen exhortation to drop off body and mind.

Not convinced?  Listen to “Kalpas”, then decide.

Onségen Ensemble


Just imagine yourself for a moment connected to the earth, connected to all life on the planet and the universal energy.

Clear 7 minutes from your calendar and experience the progressive post/space rock of “HK7”

The Intelligence Service

Vancouver, Canada

Check out this four piece Garage-Rock band from Vancouver, Canada  They are releasing their Maladies EP on Wiener Records soon.

Listen to “Driving To My Sun”


Gateshead, United Kingdom

Guitar based ambient instrumentalism absorbing influences such as Brian Eno, Sigur Ros and Boards of Canada, bringing in web-sourced collaborators to create ‘uplifting funeral music’.

Prepare to drift away with “Last Kiss” from Here Lies.  Anyone else hear that glorious “Blue Skied An’ Clear” flavour?

The Autumn Stones

Toronto, Canada

“Sonically, we target ’80s Brit post-punk alt.rock; influences incl. The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen and China Crisis. The quest to carve our own identity partially involves spotlighting a saxophone in the role that traditionally falls to lead guitar.  Lyrically, we write about love and other tragedies, notably war and religious extremism/intolerance. More than a few of our songs are directly inspired by Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and other modern philosophers/polemicists.”

Sounds good to us!  And so does “End Of Faith” from Escapists…..

Train Conductor

Albuquerque, USA

Train Conductor, a desert psychedelic band from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, uses masterful production techniques to create soundscapes that drip with audio hallucinations. Train Conductor recently released their debut album entitled Trippin’ Coyotes on March 5th. The album has similar sounds to Night Beats, Suuns, and Acid Mothers Temple.

Listen to “Viscous Mantle”

A Light Within

Kansas City, USA

“A Light Within’s music is based on the translation of an unknown author’s lost diary, containing experiences and opinions in subject matters such as life, love, and loss.”  That’s according to their Facebook page, but sonically they fuse elements of progressive rock, psych, and a splash of shoegaze to create an all engrossing storm of sound.  But don’t take my word for it…

…listen to “Page 22 No Charge” from their 2015 EP Body Matter

Tender Age

Portland, USA

The follow-up to the nearly sold out single “Get High” from Fall 2015 comes in the form of a new EP by Portland’s Tender Age. Recorded, mixed and produced by the band and Eric Sabatino, Disappear Here EP is an aural demonstration of the band’s more experimental tendency. Intended to be heard as a continuous series of newly recorded material, the EP contains 3 originals and 2 wild interpretations of classic pop-constructs, as processed through the fuzzed-up and tangled-guitar melodies instinctive to the 5-piece. Additional surprise material weaves in and out of the tracks, sewing together a seamless experience for equal factions of bedroom-pop dwellers and basement-boombox enthusiasts.

We featured Tender Age on our Shoegazer Playlist #16.

Listen to Disappear Here

The Raveonettes


The new songs from the amazing Danish duo which are being released in a staggered format throughout 2016 instead of on a single mass release album drop.  Pretty cool right?

Check out “The World Is Empty (Without You)” released in January

February’s release of “Run Mascara Run”

And now March’s “Excuses”

At this point we’re not certain if an official release will follow after all the new music has been released, but keep watching this space for more!

The Subways

Hertfordshire, UK

“Be my….be my…be my little rock n’ roll queen”  Remember that infectious tune from 2005?  The Subways are back and will be touring North America including a stop at Toronto’s Mod Club.

Check out their new track and video for “Dirty Muddy Paws”.  It’s very good!


Maryland, USA

Soñder is the Distorted Echo of Narkissos’s Tales of Post-Punk DepressSean Rippling Through Fuzzy Dream/Like Moments of Lost Tyme.

Listen to “H.i. (Sanctuary Mix)”

Wood Lake

Ottawa, Canada

Wood Lake is a Atmospheric Rock/Blackgaze Pop band from Ottawa. Wood Lake is made up of Harry McGuire, Colin Boudreault, and Rhian Meaney.

Listen to the atmospheric “Hollow”

The Orange Kyte

Vancouver, Canada

an experimental music project with a manifesto to release monthly singles in various shapes and forms varying in fidelity and approach but always drawing heavily from a love of ethereal tones, fuzz, reverberation and all things psychedelic.

Introducing Stevie Moonboots and a revolving cast of collaborators and cohorts, musical and otherwise. The Orange Kyte is an exercise in boundless sonic tomfoolery with an emphasis on mind expansion and continuous evolution.

Listen to Dope: 86


Nashville, USA

Hammock returns with Everything and Nothing, the Nashville duo’s first full-length album since 2013’s critically-acclaimed Oblivion Hymns. With Everything and Nothing, Hammock has entered oblivion — a place of personal struggle, doubt, and change — and come out the other side; hopeful. The experience is meticulously woven into each song, shared with listeners through intricate melodies, punchy beats, and solemn vocals. In some ways, Everything and Nothing is the spiritual successor to the band’s 2006 breakout album Raising Your Voice Trying to Stop an Echo. It recalls the same mastery of sound and storytelling, destined to spark every listener’s imagination. Mixed by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol) and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.

Listen to “Dissonance”

Stella Diana

Naples, Italy

Alt Rock Shoegazers Stella Diana have announced that they will be releasing their ‘Nitocris’ LP through Italian label Vipchoyo Sound Factory. The first single is “Sulphur”, a dark and sad ballad like a numbing homeopathic remedy, but it is a beautiful slow-burner, beginning quite slowly and then seemingly exploding into infinite space.  Check it out!

The Blog That Celebrates Itself

Various Artists – Treasures, A Tribute To Chapterhouse

Check out the awesome new compilation featuring a long list of Step On’s favourite shoegazers covering the great music of Chapterhouse.


The Cultural Studies

The Cultural Studies is the meeting of East & West: Oskar Pompa meets Eric aka “The Stereo Vampire” in the EU capital city. The prior spent his childhood in Slovakia under communism, the latter, comes from St. Louis, Missouri in the middle of the USA.
Watch the band’s 1st single “The Automaton” (and I dare you not to watch it over and over again) in which they explore the feeling of being considered daily as nothing more than products.


Buffalo, USA

Orations has been a band since 2013 and Incantation is their 2nd EP released in November on Sheets of Tens ( In April, Orations will be heading back to the studio to record their first full length album.

We detect hints of Belly and early Cure backed by guitar twang reminiscent of Johnny Marr and The Pretenders.

Check out “Strangely Safe” and see if you hear what we hear.


Philadelphia, USA

Nothing’s follow up release to the Step On heavily rotated Guilty Of Everything is Tired of Tomorrow via Relapse Records.  The new single “Vertigo Flowers” streaming from the band’s Bandcamp below, is a good indicator that Nothing is not a one trick pony.  But we already knew that.


Donegal, Ireland

Started by Robert von Ciaran in July 2014, Tuath is a progressive noise rock quintuplet that utilizes computers and other traditional rock and jazz instruments with computers.  Tuath’s first EP is entirely in Irish and the band plan on releasing an organic blend of Irish language Sean Nos style vocals on top of math rock, psych rock, and afro blues as their first album in 2016.

Pale Dian

Austin, TX

Goth / dream-pop trio Pale Dian is a dreamy slice of noisy pop which will definitely bring to mind the sweeping, reverb drenched sounds of Cocteau Twins.  The band recently signed to Manifesto Records, the current home of Dead Kennedys, The Turtles, and modern signees Puro Instinct, and Drinking Flowers.

This Modern Hope

West London, UK

This Modern Hope, the new solo project from West London musician and producer Rob Payne, is ready for takeoff and poised for success.

Drawing on influences from Death Cab For Cutie, Doves and his brother’s record collection, This Modern Hope’s sound is classic yet fresh, switching seamlessly from up-tempo, driving rock to stirring ballads.

Dead Stars

Brooklyn, NY

“…fuzzed-out, hook-filled, Indie rock. Having drawn comparisons to ’90s favourites like Teenage Fanclub, The Lemonheads and Weezer, their sound has a nostalgic quality, but without sounding stale. Crunchy guitars and catchy pop melodies take centre stage, paired with big, explosive choruses and the band’s no-gimmicks approach to songwriting, for a sound that’s been described as “glorious, guitar-driven slacker-rock.”